Study: Facebook Leads to 24% Sales Boost – Social network brings new users at lower cost, per Aggregate Knowledge


social advertising doesn’t generate sales. But Media intelligence company Aggregate Knowledge, which analyzes and attributes media buys, says otherwise. In a study of 25 campaigns that ran during the fourth quarter, the company found that media plans that included Facebook saw 24 percent more new sales than those that didn’t.

Aggregate Knowledge CEO David Jakubowski said the media plans with Facebook centered on using the social network’s premium ad units as the anchor with the marketplace ads running along the right rail in a supporting role to extend advertisers’ reach. In addition to Facebook, those media mixes typically included display, social, search and sometimes mobile Web and email, he said. Video also entered the fold at time, with that channel and Facebook “occupying the upper funnel,” said Jakubowski.

While Facebook has rolled out lower-funnel ad products such as the retargeting-oriented Facebook Exchange, Aggregate Knowledge saw the social network maintains its place atop the funnel. Forty-five percent of the total users reached in Q4 were unique to Facebook and not seen on other channels included in a media plan, according to Aggregate Knowledge. “Marketers marketing on Facebook are starting to get to people up the funnel in consideration sets,” Jakubowski said.

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