Marketers: Overworked But Overjoyed

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Marketers are an optimistic lot. More than a third (34%) of the 2,620 marketing pros responding to a survey fielded by theAmerican Marketing Association andAquent said their levels of job satisfaction increased in 2012. But–all praise Lennon and McCartney–things appear to be getting better all the time for members of the marketing tribe. Forty-four percent of them expect the situation at the office to become even rosier next year.

Faced with mounting pressure to make better use of advanced data analytics and to adapt to rapidly growing channels such as mobile, one could well assume that the marketer’s lot was one of stress and drudgery. But these new challenges may have had a rousing effect instead. “Big changes like this can often cause people to be invigorated in their jobs. Marketers are now able to use data to predict customer behavior instead of just making guesses,” says Nelson Rodriguez, VP of global marketing for Aquent, an agency that provides companies with temporary marketing talent. “They feel they’ll be learning new skills, and that can be exciting.”

Aquent joined the AMA to sponsor the online survey, conducted last November, which sought to discover salary levels, strategies, and trends in the marketing community. A quarter of the respondents worked at agencies, with the remainder representing industries including healthcare, financial services, and retail.  They ranged from entry-level marketers to senior-level executives.

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