Location targeting more than doubles performance of mobile ads: report

Mobile Marketer

Mobile campaigns leveraging location targeting outperformed non-location targeted campaigns by a factor of two times, according to a new report from Verve Mobile.

The Location Powered Mobile Advertising Report found that all location-based strategies exceeded the industry average click-through rate of 0.4 percent, with geo-aware campaigns leading with a one percent click-through average. For the report, Verve reviewed over 2,500 mobile campaigns run across its location-based ad platform in 2012, with the findings reflecting the state of premium location-based mobile ads.

“The big news is that location powered mobile advertising outperforms other mobile targeting strategies by 2X,” said Tom MacIsaac, CEO of Verve Mobile, New York.

“Not only is location a must-have but it is really the key value mobile brings to the table for marketers – location targeting is the ability to reach consumers on their uniquely personal devices while they are out and about, on the go, and closer to the buying decision than ever before,” he said.

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