Real-time bidding reprograms the future of ad buying


Real-time bidding—serving up display ads from a winning bidder within milliseconds directly to a targeted prospect—promises to reach mainstream maturity this year. “The advantage of RTB to the marketer is that it takes less effort than standard display ad placements,” said John Dietz, VP-applications at ad verification company Adometry Inc. “You can go to a platform and say, “This is what I want to achieve,’ and you automate the estimated price to achieve that.”

Dietz said RTB, also known as programmatic ad buying, will never capture 100% of the ad-buying market and that there will always be room for agency media buying desks. “I don’t know if the branding guys will be very involved, but for those marketers with performance-based campaigns, I would see budgets for programmatic buying going upwards of 50% of their ad budgets,” he said.

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