5 Ways to Use B2B Social Media to Break Company Silos

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Many B2B companies approach social media the same way they approach other parts of their business. With silos. No matter the size of the company, there are separations that reduce efficiency and cause confusion both within and outside the company. Even social media starts in a silo, usually in the marketing or pr department. And don’t even get me started on technology silos where company data lives in different systems depending on the function.
Here are some ways to use social media to break down the silos in your B2B company:
1. Align Sales with Social Media

The lack of alignment between sales and marketing continues to exist as more B2B companies use social media to generate leads and improve their prospecting. Short of doing an exchange program where you embed a marketer in your sales team and a sales person in your marketing team, this starts with communication. Make sure that each team understands the other’s challenges. Marketing is now responsible for more of the journey through the buying process than ever before….

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