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B2B Tech Buyers Are Using Social Media

IDG Research Services

Research: What Media and Devices Motivate BtoB Tech Buyers

Business and IT professionals are taking to social, mobile, and video in a big way in the US.  They have several favorite sources of information on tech products.  These are some of the findings in a recent IDG Research Services survey of more than 2, 200 visitors to IDG sites such as CIO, Computerworld, InfoWorld, Network World, and PCWorld.  Tech savvy users, across multiple segments from healthcare to finance and manufacturing to government, are key indicators for marketers as they plan to reach a broader business audience.

More than 40% said vendors presence on the social web positively influenced them related to satisfaction with the company (45%), likelihood to purchase (43%), and willingness to recommend a company (43%).


Slide1 B2B Tech Buyers Are Using Social Media

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