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For B2Bs, Mobile Is Key to Unlocking Sales and Loyalty


As Ogilvy & Mather’s director of digital strategy, Jeff Stokvis works closely with the agency’s B2B clients and is a member of Ogilvy’s Mobile@Ogilvy cross-functional working group. Stokvis spoke with eMarketer’s Tobi Elkin for the B2B Perspectives series about the ways mobile is changing how B2B marketers communicate and the untapped business opportunities that mobile offers them.


Is there a low awareness among B2B marketers about the impact that mobile can have on their business?

Stokvis: Most B2B marketers are certainly aware of and have a broad understanding of the importance of mobile. There tends to be a little confusion as to where to get started across the spectrum of their enterprise and business, where to focus, and how to come up with a strategy that’s broad enough to be enterprise-wide yet narrow enough to deliver on specific business objectives.

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