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Tech Marketing Guide to B2B

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Tech Marketing Guide to B2B

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Tech Marketing Guide to B2B

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Tech Marketing Guide to B2B

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Tech Marketer's Guide to B2B

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Survey: 80% feel demand-gen campaigns falling short


Demand generation efforts are struggling according to a new survey from Corporate Visions. After surveying more than 400 sales people and executives, researchers found a startling 80% believe their demand-gen campaigns are not helping them meet sales or marketing goals. “This quarter’s survey results clearly show us that organizations are facing serious challenges when it comes to creating and executing effective demand generation campaigns,” said Tim Riesterer, chief strategy and marketing officer for Corporate Visions. “Ironically, the survey revealed that the two largest disconnects are the two most important factors to achieving demand generation success: creating engaging content and developing messages that clearly address customer pain points. If salespeople and marketers are able to work together to implement these two strategies successfully into their campaigns, they will be able to motivate prospects and win more business.”

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The Grande Guide To Social Demand Generation


You’re busy. Time is precious. Our Grande Guide series of e-books deliver subject matter proficiency in about the time it takes to down your morning coffee – and maybe scarf down a bagel. This Grande Guide tackles the tough subject of using social media to generate leads.

While just about every business is talking “social” these days, we know making it work for demand marketers is a tough nut to crack. But after reading these articles, interviews and resources, you’ll be ready to start building social into your demand generation strategy.

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An Introduction to Retargeting: What Is It?

Zog Digital

Retargeting is a form of online advertising in which a user that has been to your website can be displayed ads from your media campaign on publishers and ad networks across the Internet. This form of advertising is very effective, since you are only showing ads to users that have been to your site (i.e. showing an interest in your product or service), instead of relying on demographic or other types of targeting to find users. Retargeting can communicate with the user after they have left your site and be the extra interaction that drives the user to come back and purchase, at times slashing cost per conversion in half, and increasing conversion rates by 600%.1

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5 Ways to Generate Leads from a LinkedIn B2B Company Page

Social Media B2B

Many B2B companies have been successful at generating leads from LinkedIn, but there are features of a company page that B2B marketers are just not aware of. Most B2B companies have company pages on LinkedIn where they include a keyword-stuffed paragraph or two of marketing-speak. It also shows the employees who work at the company. This is the most basic option for LinkedIn.

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IDC finds lead-gen top marketing priority


Improving lead generation is the top marketing priority this year for tech marketers, according to IDC’s “2012 Tech Marketing Barometer Study,” released in March. The study was based on an online survey of 61 senior marketers at high-tech companies conducted in January and February. The companies surveyed have combined revenues of more than $550.0 billion and include industry leaders such as Cisco Systems, Dell, HP and Intel.

Respondents were asked to allocate 100 “importance points” to various marketing priorities for the year. Improving lead generation received the highest score (20.7), followed by building more brand awareness (16.2) and improving marketing processes (13.9).

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Successful lead-gen programs depend on metrics, integration and cooperation


The lead-gen process relies on multiple factors, and ideally many channels. Like never before, marketing integration, using ever-more sophisticated tools and metrics, along with sales/marketing alignment is helping perfect lead-gen efforts.

The end goal for any integrated marketing platform is to generate leads by engaging marketers in dialogues with their audiences. As a result, successful integration has a profound impact on the number and quality of leads being fed into the sales pipeline, said Paige O’Neill, VP-marketing at Aprimo.

“Marketing needs to lead organizations in this area,” O’Neill said. “By creating a marketing environment that incorporates all channels—from Web and social to direct mail, and call centers and everything in between—lead-gen efforts perform better because marketers can tie every aspect of a campaign back to a single overarching strategy.

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See And Be Seen


According to a new study from comScore and Pretarget, ad viewability and hover time are more strongly correlated with conversions (defined as purchases and requests for information) than clicks or total impressions. Pretarget Founder Keith Pieper opines “Your ad being seen matters more than your ad being clicked… what good is an ad that can’t be seen… It’s intuitive that… someone hovering and engaging with an ad might convert, even absent a click… “ The study analyzed 263 million impressions over nine months across 18 advertisers in numerous verticals. The study used used:

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Click-Through Rates May Matter Even Less Than We Thought

Ad Age

We already know that click-through rates on online display ads are abysmal. Now a study from the startup Pretarget and ComScore revealed that even when a user clicks on an ad, the correlation between that click and a conversion is virtually nonexistent.

Over nine months, Pretarget analyzed more than 260 million ad impressions across the campaigns of 18 advertisers, the company said, and tracked conversions ranging from filling out an online form to downloading software. In the analysis, Pretarget found that the Pearson correlation (a common correlation methodology) between clicks and a conversion was 0.01, the lowest correlation rate among metrics tracked in the study (a 0 result would mean there is absolutely no correlation, while 1.0 would signify the strongest possible correlation.)

How SAP turns users of its social network into sales-ready leads


SAP is known worldwide for its business and analytics applications. It has more than 170,000 customers and more than two million members of its social network, the SAP Community Network (SCN), which was created as a way to disseminate information.

About a year ago, hoping to boost its overall thought leadership and turn some of its SCN members into warm leads, the SAP marketing team launched a series of webinars using ON24 as its technology platform. The first webcast, which focused primarily on the North American and EMEA markets, took about six weeks of planning. It went live in March 2011.

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RTB Ad Market Soars In Q1, Marketers Rush To Mobile, Avoid Social Inventory


The supply of online advertising inventory available in the so-called “real-time bidding” or RTB marketplace continues to expand as advertisers, agencies and publishers embrace programmatic trading as part of their online advertising strategies. During the first quarter of 2012, the supply of RTB impressions expanded 120% over the same quarter in 2011, according to results from a new quarterly tracking report being published by independent agency trading desk Accordant Media.

The report estimates that the supply of RTB impressions soared 213% during 2011 versus 2010, and that the expansion is being driven by blue-chip advertisers and agencies, which is attracting premium publishers to participate in the marketplace.

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