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Digiday Brand Summit

04/27/2014 - 04/29/2014 Nashville TN

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05/07/2014 - 05/09/2014 Salt Lake CIty Utah

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05/14/2014 - 05/16/2014 New Orleans LA

Internet Week New York

05/19/2014 - 05/25/2014 New York NY

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06/24/2014 - 06/26/2014 Vail CO

Content Marketing World

09/08/2014 - 09/11/2014 Cleveland OH

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Tech Marketing Guide to B2B

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Tech Marketing Guide to B2B

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Tech Marketing Guide to B2B

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Tech Marketing Guide to B2B

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Leading Prospects from Content to Sales

IDGE Leading Prospects from Content to Sales

Are you looking to create an impactful content marketing strategy that results in high levels of engagement? This white paper explores the evolving role of content in marketing strategies and the IT purchase process — and how making the right moves directly impacts success.

This white paper will provide insight into:

  • The role content consumption plays in the purchase process for major technology products and services.
  • Creating distinctive and high impact content marketing campaigns that create high levels of engagement with IT decision-makers, driving awareness, trust, and, most importantly, sales.

And more…!

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WP COVER Page 1 294x380 Leading Prospects from Content to Sales

Who’s Heard of Green IT?

IDG Connect 0811 Whos Heard of Green IT?

The Cloud may invoke images of effervescence that leaves no trace, but in reality the Cloud means just another data center, along with the accompanying Carbon Footprint. The issue of being Green has never been higher on the agenda, but how do professionals feel about Green IT, and how does this vary either side of the Atlantic? This paper compares the enthusiasm for Green IT between the US and Europe.

A recent report, The Cloud Begins With Coal, calculated that the ICT ecosystem now approaches 10% of world electricity generation. “The zettabyte era already uses about 50% more energy than global aviation.” While in recent years, we’ve seen Greenpeace release the “How Clean Is Your Cloud?” & “How Dirty Is Your Data?” reports, along with a feature-length article in the New York Times entitled “Power, Pollution and the Internet”, which includes the startling quote, “A single data center can take more power than a medium-size town.”

Whether for or against, Green IT has gradually become a major topic within IT in recent years. But has a once passionate and polarised audience become apathetic after years of intense media attention? How does feeling on the subject vary either side of the Atlantic, and do those within IT feel enough is being done to promote the subject? To gauge the levels of enthusiasm and apathy towards Green IT, we surveyed 149 business & IT professionals from Europe and the US and compared the results. Interestingly, the number of US participants proved far lower than European, due to far less enthusiasm for partaking in the survey.

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Lead Gen Said Top Objective – and Challenge – for B2B Digital Marketing Programs

Marketing Charts

Lead generation ranks as the top objective for B2B companies’ digital marketing programs, according to a study released today by Webmarketing123. Presented with a list of 6 objectives, a leading 41% of B2B respondents chose lead generation as their top goal, while 27% pointed to sales and revenue generation and 17% to brand and product awareness. Not surprisingly, generating enough leads counted as the leading digital marketing challenge, for 21% of respondents, closely followed by producing enough quality content (20%) and converting leads to customers (19%).

The study notes that compared to last year, more B2B marketers cited revenue generation as a top objective, while fewer identified lead generation. That suggests that their digital marketing objectives are starting to more closely resemble those of their B2C counterparts.

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How to Increase Your Conversion Rate with Web Personalization

IDG Connect

Though many often compare the website of a business to a virtual storefront, a great website should actually perform more like a sales force. Beyond displaying your brand, services and products, your website should effectively increase the bottom line. The goal of your website should not only be to attract visitors but also to drive more sales and more revenue.

Traditionally, there are two solutions to an underperforming website:

  1. Bring more traffic
  2. Convert more of your traffic into customers or users

People tend to turn to tactics such as A/B testing to find out which version of a page converts best. They test out colors, copy and buttons. Some turn to paid channels to increase traffic but budgets can cause limiting and ineffective results. These methods definitely have value, but there is much more that you can do.

One extremely effective approach is web personalization.

Reach the Right Person with the Right Message at the Right Time

Web personalization involves monitoring the behaviors and actions of those on your site to determine what needs and wants each of them has. Once you have this data, it is used to customize and personalize the messages they see while they are on your site.

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SMBs Lean on Content for Lead Gen


White papers, webinars are leading SMB content pieces used for lead gen

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are always on the hunt for new leads, and increasingly, content marketing is how they are finding those prospective customers. According to a May 2013 survey from, three-quarters of US SMBs actively worked on lead generation tactics, with a variety of different types of content used for this purpose.

As to which content marketing tactics respondents from SMB companies deemed most effective, nearly all content approaches received fairly high marks. Among the most valuable types of lead gen-oriented content marketing were white papers, webinars and case studies. More than 60% cited both white papers and webinars as at least somewhat valuable, with white papers especially likely to be considered extremely valuable. Videos were seen as the least valuable type of content marketing tactic. However, a still considerable 56.4% of respondents thought it was at least reasonably valuable.

163653 SMBs Lean on Content for Lead Gen

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Web Marketing Association has recognized IDG BlackBerry campaign with an award

IDG Global Solutions won a BtoB Standard of Excellence award for their Enterprise Mobile Hub Blackberry campaign. This WebAward “recognizes the standard of excellence for which all Web sites should strive. Winners at this level demonstrate that their site is above average and will receive a personalized WebAward certificate for their efforts.”

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Visit the award winning site:

Screen Shot 2013 10 04 at 12.04.13 PM Web Marketing Association has recognized IDG BlackBerry campaign with an award

B2B Lead Gen: Why You Need Partners and Multiple Channels

B2B Marketing

There’s been considerable debate in recent weeks about the use of partners, including telemarketing firms, in the B2B lead-generation business. TechTarget, one major B2B lead-gen provider, took an aggressive stance against the practice.

I’d like to explain why I disagree. Let’s start by considering the various forms of communication that are prevalent today. You engage in a “conversation” via email. You ask two simple questions of the person you’re corresponding with, and you get one answer. So you have to go back and ask the second question again.

Now, think of the challenge of relying exclusively on the accuracy of personal data that an individual enters into an online registration form. Are they really giving you their specific job title or their precise budget authority?

Compare that scenario with a live telephone conversation between two people in a business context. Yes, many people at work don’t answer their phones and many actively screen calls to avoid unwanted calls. But on the other hand, we maintain that in a B2B context, telephone contact lends itself to the delivery of branded marketing messages, whilst accurately verifying business data that is typically the key goal of a B2B telemarketing call.

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BtoB study finds lead-generation practices catching on


Marketers are well along in their adoption of lead-generation practices, according to a new study by BtoB. Seventy-one percent of respondents said they are at least moderate participants in some form of lead generation, while 47% are “very” or “fully” involved.

However, the study, “2013 Lead Generation: Optimum Techniques for Managing Lead Generation Campaigns,” also found that not all lead-gen practices are working as smoothly as they could be. Fifty-five percent of b2b marketers responding said the effectiveness of their lead-gen efforts was just average. And the means by which marketers gauge success remains relatively unsophisticated—76% of marketers said their prime definition of a lead is a prospect request to be contacted.

This indication of serious interest was much more appreciated as a hot lead than a request for a white paper (43%), attendance at a webinar (35%) or visits to a company’s website (30%), according to BtoB’s study, which was based on an online poll conducted in June and July of 282 b2b marketing professionals. Overall, marketers placed the least value on being followed or “liked” on social media.

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Content Marketing 2013: What Can We Learn From Charles Dickens

IDG Connect 0811 Content Marketing 2013: What Can We Learn From Charles Dickens

The Content Marketing Report 2013 shows that 82% of organisations are planning on increasing their content production over the next 12 months, whilst Content Marketing is becoming one of the biggest buzz words today. But what does it all really mean for businesses and how can Charles Dickens help today’s marketers tap into an escalating demand?

Put simply, Content Marketing is the art of using really good information to promote brands, products and services. Yet beneath this neat wrapper it is not so simple…

Content Marketing is truly disruptive, flying in the face of conventional smash ‘n’ grab advertising and demanding different skillsets and longer term nurturing techniques to prove successful. And the challenge is growing, because as escalating volumes of content floods online, it is becoming ever more difficult to produce premium quality content that that stands out in a saturated space. Today, truly engaging an audience requires creative storytelling, journalistic fact checking, all coupled the promotional wiles employed by most marketers.

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Global Marketers Say Lead Gen A Bigger Social Ad Objective Than Branding

Marketing Charts

More companies cite lead generation (37%) than branding (27%) as their main social media advertising objective, according toPlease or in order to access this content. a new study from Econsultancy in association with Adobe. The survey – of company marketers around the world, but primarily from Europe – indicates that fewer respondents are looking to increase traffic (18%) or drive direct online sales (18%) from their social media advertising efforts.

The results mark somewhat of a departure from recent studies which have suggested more of a branding focus from social media ad buys.