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Regulator in France Raids Office of Apple

NY Times

PARIS — Authorities searched the French offices of Apple and some affiliated companies as part of an investigation into retailing practices, a spokesman for the French competition regulator said on Tuesday. The raids took place last week on “some of Apple’s premises in France, as well as those of some of its wholesalers and distributors,” said André Piérard, a spokesman for the regulator, the Competition Authority.

Mr. Piérard said the investigation was carried out by competition officials accompanied by judicial police officers. Authorities seized documents in the raids.

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UK mobile advertising market set to grow by 90% in 2013


Mobile ad market predicted to rise from £526m in 2012 to £1bn as digital giants mine smartphone, tablet and app revolution

The UK mobile advertising market is forecast to almost double in 2013 to £1bn, as Google, Facebook and Twitter increasingly successfully mine the smartphone, tablet and app revolution. It is set to grow by 90% year on year, from £526m in 2012, according to digital ad spend figures published by eMarketer on Tuesday.

The breakneck growth has been fuelled by British consumers’ love of devices. Britain has the highest smartphone usage in the world and tablets are now commonplace. Looking ahead, the UK digital ad market will grow to almost £8bn by 2016, with mobile set to account for £3bn of that. To put this in context, in 2011 the Internet Advertising Bureau put mobile ad spend at a relatively paltry £203m.

Mobile is key for marketers in Africa

WARC, 6/20/13

LONDON: Brands and advertisers who want to reach consumers in Africa should consider mobile as their principal channel, as the continent experiences a combination of economic growth, expansion of mobile services and rapid uptake of smartphones.

These are the conclusions of a White Paper published by M&C Saatchi Mobile which seeks to dispel common misperceptions about the state of the African mobile telecoms market and to highlight the opportunities that mobile presents as a mass market channel for reaching and engaging with consumers.

“Contrary to popular thinking, Africa is not an under-developed region – it’s the second largest and fastest-growing mobile phone market in the world after China,” said James Hilton, Global CEO of M&C Saatchi Mobile.

“The large numbers of African mobile consumers with web-connected smartphones using their device to surf the internet or download apps shows that the assumption that mobile services in Africa are only about SMS and low-end handsets is seriously out of date,” he added.

Smartphone penetration already stands at 25% of mobile consumers in Nigeria and the White Paper expected that smartphone sales would account for 15% of the mobile market in Africa in 2014, rising to 40% by 2017. Read more

Adform: Mobile RTB Spend In Europe Up 275%

MediaPost, 6/14/13

Mobile real-time bidding (RTB) spend in Europe increased 275% during the first quarter this year, while March alone saw a 66% jump in total RTB spend. The figures come from Adform’s RTB Trend Report Europe Q1 2013. Mobile still only accounts for less than 3% of total RTB impressions (2.75%), but the number is up significantly from 1.25% in Q4 2012. As “mobile” is really a tale of two devices, it’s worth breaking down spend on smartphones versus tablets, too.

According to the report, spend on smartphones currently exceeds spend on tablets. However, March was the strongest month yet for tablets in terms of percent of total RTB impressions.

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More Smartphones Were Shipped in Q1 2013 Than Feature Phones, An Industry First According to IDC

IDC PMS4colorversion 1 More Smartphones Were Shipped in Q1 2013 Than Feature Phones, An Industry First According to IDC

IDC Press Release

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.  – The worldwide mobile phone market grew 4% year over year in the seasonally slow first quarter of 2013 (1Q13) as smartphones outshipped feature phones for the first time. According to the International Data Corporation (IDCWorldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, vendors shipped a total of 418.6 million mobile phones in 1Q13 compared to 402.4 million units in the first quarter of 2012 and 483.2 million units in the fourth quarter of 2012.

In the worldwide smartphone market, vendors shipped 216.2 million units in 1Q13, which marked the first time more than half (51.6%) the total phone shipments in a quarter were smartphones. The market grew 41.6% compared to the 152.7 million units shipped in 1Q12, but 5.1% lower than the 227.8 million units shipped in 4Q12.

Facebook plans to unveil smartphone; The company aims to dominate on mobile devices the way it has on desktop computers

Los Angeles Times


Get ready for the Facebook phone.

The company is close to unveiling a smartphone whose software keeps the social network front and center. It is part of an overall strategy to advance Facebook’s ambitions to dominate on mobile devices the way it has on desktop computers. Facebook Inc. has scheduled a news conference Thursday at its Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters to show off an HTC smartphone that operates on software called Facebook Home. The social network’s News Feed, messaging, photo uploading and other features will be integrated into the phone, according to reports.

It will be the biggest step yet to re-engineer Facebook into a mobile company. Like Inc., Apple Inc., Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. before it, Facebook is putting a device into people’s hands designed to tether them to the service.

Facebook is under heavy pressure to capture — and keep — the attention of users who are spending more time than ever on mobile devices so that it can cash in on mobile advertising. And that has forced the giant social network to attempt the most dramatic transformation in its history. It has deployed hundreds of engineers on coding mobile projects. It rolled out new mobile advertising formats and new mobile apps such as Poke, and overhauled its iPhone and Android apps. Facebook also stepped up its focus on Android, which in recent years has surpassed the iPhone to become the No. 1 operating system for smartphones around the world.

At the end of last year, the number of active daily users accessing Facebook on a mobile device exceeded the number logging on from desktop computers for the first time. More than 650 million of its more than 1 billion users check Facebook from mobile devices — and that number is growing fastest in big markets such as the U.S.

“Facebook’s goal is to get its stuff in front of as many people as possible,” IDC analyst Karsten Weide said. The HTC phone is powered by a modified version of Google’s Android mobile software. If successful, the HTC phone could be the first of many, analysts said. “This is a way to get the distribution that they would have gotten through their own smartphone by partnering with somebody else,” Weide said.

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Mobile Industry Sees A Shift in Innovation

Wall Street Journal

BARCELONA—Here are two stories that sum up the state of the phone industry as revealed at last week’s Mobile World Congress, the annual gathering of the mobile phone business. Firstly, what was the buzz of the show?

It wasn’t a top-end, LTE-enabled, quad-core processor smartphone—it was the Nokia NOK1V.HE +1.60% 105, a €15 phone. Its most notable feature—apart from its price—is its 35-day standby time. The second comes from the experiences of The Wall Street Journal. To save the blushes of one particular handset maker we won’t name the company, but it took us 12 takes to shoot a video review of one of its products. In the end we failed. Why? It took three takes only to discover we had filmed the wrong phone. It then took another nine to try to review the correct one. Every time we tried there was some button that was pushed by mistake, or we hit the wrong thing on the screen and it didn’t do what we thought it would. In the end we gave up. What do the two stories tell us? That real consumer benefits, like a monthlong standby, are valued by consumers. They also show that one phone looks a lot like an other and that adding extra functions to a device isn’t always the path to a good user experience.

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Report: Mobile influencing purchases, not converting


When it comes to the mobile space, an important line is being drawn in the ether: that of influence by not necessarily conversion. New data out from L2 Think Tank indicates that mobiles are using increasingly using their devices – only not for purchasing Meanwhile, a new study out from ReRez Research on behalf of Symantec shows how quickly – or not – many brands are adopting the mobile space. According to the results:

• 66% say the benefits of mobile outweigh the risks 

• For ‘Innovator’ businesses – those adopting mobile early – 28% use Android devices, 26% use iOS devices

• Three-quarters of Innovators have company polices for the use of ‘work’ smartphones/tablets

• Innovators have shown 44% revenue growth and 34% profit growth\

• ‘Traditionals’ – those adopting mobile more slowly – have shown 30% revenue growth and 23% profit growth 

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Mobility Reigns as the Smart Connected Device Market Rises 29.1% in 2012 Driven By Tablet and Smartphone Growth

IDC PMS4colorversion 1 Mobility Reigns as the Smart Connected Device Market Rises 29.1% in 2012 Driven By Tablet and Smartphone Growth
IDC Press Release
FRAMINGHAM, Mass.– When looking at a holistic view of smartphones, tablets, and PCs, one thing is clear – smartphones and tablets are driving mobility growth. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Smart Connected Device Tracker, vendors shipped 367.7 million desktop PCs, portable PCs, tablets, and smartphones – a collective view IDC refers to as “Smart Connected Devices” – in the fourth quarter of 2012 (4Q12), up 28.3% from the prior year. As desktop PCs and portable PCs declined (-4.1% and -3.4%, respectively), the overall smart connected device space continued to surge to just over 1.2 billion shipments cumulatively in 2012. Tablet shipments experienced the largest year-over-year growth in 2012, up 78.4% over 2011, while smartphones grew 46.1% but accounted for 60.1% of all smart connected devices shipped throughout the year.


How Will Apple Sell 343 Million Devices in 2016?

Motley Fool

Investors may be underestimating what the power of compounding can do for Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL ) . If Apple can just sustain its current market share in the coming years, the power of compounding will drive unit volume growth for its iDevices through the roof. According to IDC, Apple is expected to grow its iPhone unit volume by 18.8% a year, roughly in line with the smartphone industry. At that pace, in three years’ time, Apple’s iPhone unit shipments will have increased by 68% since the end of 2012. On the tablet side, it’s expected that Apple will ship 20.9% more iPads per year until 2016, equating to a 77% increase from today’s levels. Are investors missing something so enormous it’s difficult to see? Or could it be that IDC’s estimates are completely off the mark and shouldn’t be trusted?

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