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    About Us

    MobileLogoTM About UsIn 2011, we launched Mobile@IDG, a comprehensive line of mobile marketing products, enabling our clients to reach hyper-connected technology decision makers. These mobile and tablet solutions include exclusive sponsorship of IDG’s mobile sites, rich media, social media, QR codes and lead generation, as well as custom programs for mobile games and apps to support face-to-face events.

    Welcome to the mobile revolution: Every global technology company in the world is building products, solutions and marketing plans with mobile in mind.
    In today’s fast paced world, mobile is set to fundamentally change the way we consume and engage with content. IDG Global Solutions’ worldwide mobile research surveyed IDG’s B2B and B2C audiences to gain a deeper understanding of how the mobile revolution will affect technology media. The research found two-thirds of IT decision makers have smartphones, with 78% using the Internet on them regularly. Their use of tablets will increase dramatically, with 20% owning one already and 67% planning to buy one in 2011-2012. More importantly, 52% of these decision makers use their tablets for work.

    IDG’s research demonstrates the need for marketers to think seriously about their mobile marketing strategies. With nearly 200 mobile sites and live apps around the world, IDG is committed to keeping ahead of the game by providing a comprehensive range of mobile marketing solutions.

    Mobile is now a key component of integrated campaigns backed by a range of metrics to support our customers’ ROI. With turnkey solutions from IDG, your marketing program is efficiently managed from strategic development through to measuring, monitoring and reporting.