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Spotlight — Mobility in Brazil

IDG Connect 0811 300x141 Spotlight    Mobility in Brazil

The popularisation of technology in Brazil has brought several changes to the way people relate to one another. iPads, iPhones, Galaxies; they are all easy to carry, easy to use and not as expensive as they once were. And it was inevitable these changes wouldn’t be able to stay out of the workplace.

With this proliferation of mobile devices comes a new area of study that tries to comprehend in what way these devices affect companies. Bring-Your-Own- Device (BYOD) is coming, but who is really ready for this? In many companies, the governance policy for outside technology using corporate internet is still stuck in the past, banning everything and putting their heads in the sand. While these businesses are carrying on trying to ignore the future, many others try to benefit from this new trend.

Although the Brazilian mobile device market is booming, mobility in the workplace has yet to be investigated. To rectify this, in June IDG Connect interviewed a select group of 33 IT and business professionals to gain an insight into Brazilian mobility within the office. The results, though small, help provide a greater understanding of business mobile use in Brazil.

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