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Data+: Analyze, Predict, Monetize

09/07/2014 - 09/09/2014 Phoenix AZ

iMedia Brand Summit: Marketing in an Always-On World

09/07/2014 - 09/10/2014 Coronado CA

Content Marketing World

09/08/2014 - 09/11/2014 Cleveland OH

Video Insider Summit

09/14/2014 - 09/17/2014 Montauk NY

Ad Age Digital Conference San Francisco

09/16/2014 San Francisco CA

CSO Perspectives on Defending Against the Pervasive Attacker

09/17/2014 Boston MA

 CSO Perspectives on Data Protection and Privacy

09/23/2014 San francisco CA

OMMA RTB (Real-Time Buying)

10/14/2014 London

OMMA Chicago

10/21/2014 - 10/22/2014 Chicago IL

iMedia Breakthrough Summit: The Next Wave of Marketing

10/26/2014 - 10/28/2014 Stone Mountain Georgia


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Mobile Insiders Say Apple’s iAds Are “Hurting”

TechCrunch, 2/10/11

Apple’s iAds are hitting a rough spot. Across the board, several developers I’ve spoken to confirm that “fill rates” for iAds dropped drastically after the New Year and have yet to recover. The fill rate—what percentage of the ad inventory is actually filled with an ad—for two separate developers plummeted from 18 percent to 6 percent. And in a few instances for some newer apps, none of the ad slots were getting filled, compared to nearly complete fill rates from other mobile ad networks. Others report better fill rates but as one developer says, “They have definitely come down.”

One reason for the dip could be just seasonal. The fill rates and advertising budgets across all ad networks in general take a hit after the holidays. But there seems to be something else going on here as well. “The general consensus among the advertising community is that it is a product they don’t want,” says one mobile ad tech CEO. The iAds business, he suggests, “is hurting.”

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Technology Buyers and Marketers Agree

IDG News Release, 12/17/10

Trusted Content Sites and Social Media Key Information Sources

A survey of technology buyers and marketers in six countries shows common interests and preferences when it comes to digital media. In an IDG Research Services online survey last September, 75% of the buyer respondents rely on technology media sites, 55% tech-related print publications, 45% tech vendor sites, and 41% tech-focused communities and discussion forums. When searching for information, 83% of the respondents said they are more likely to click on a link from a familiar “trusted” source.

Technology marketers reported that 41% of their digital spend is on branded content sites followed by search at 24% with ad networks close behind at 21%. Looking ahead to 2011, of the 100 marketers and agency professionals surveyed, on average tech marketers expect 52% of their 2011 media budgets will go to digital with 63% expecting a modest increase in media spend compared to 2010.

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Consumers Find Behavioral Advertising Choices Compelling With TRUSTe TRUSTed Ads Privacy Platform

TRUSTe, 11/16/10

TRUSTe and Publishers Clearing House Pilot Program Reveal Data That Demonstrates Education and Trust Key for Building Consumer Confidence With Online Behavioral Advertising

TRUSTe, the leading privacy trustmark and provider of privacy solutions, today announced the results of a six-month long behavioral advertising notice and choice pilot program conducted with Publishers Clearing House (PCH). As part of the pilot, millions of consumers visiting the PCHlotto.com website were shown a TRUSTe branded icon and the words “Interest Based Ads” adjacent to an online advertisement. By clicking on the icon, consumers were able to access a “widget” that presented information about interest-based ads and ad networks; and from there could choose to change their preferences or opt-out of online behavioral advertising (OBA) on the site.

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Publishers increasingly see blogs as ad revenue opportunity

BtoB, 11/8/10

Bob Carrigan, president-CEO of IDG Communications, wants to know why most b2b publishers with legacy print products have failed to develop their own online advertising networks around blogs in their industries.

IDG has now operated its own IDG TechNetwork for two years. The network aggregates technology-oriented bloggers and then sells ad space on their sites; it produces about 2 billion impressions a month. In fiscal year 2010, ended Sept. 30, the network saw a 19-fold increase in revenue over its previous fiscal year.

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Ad Nets Must Use Data More Effectively, Keep Goals In Sight

MediaPost, 11/2/10

While it may seem obvious, marketers had better understand the metrics that ad networks are using to measure campaign success — both short-term and long-term — according to Anne Hunter, Vice President of Advertising Effectiveness Products at comScore.

“If the network thinks that clicks are the goal (but they’re not), it’s going to miss the ultimate objective,” Hunter explained during an afternoon keynote at the OMMA Ad Nets conference on Tuesday.

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Advertisers, Agencies Plan Shift From General To Targeted Ad Networks, Remain Dubious About DSPs

MediaPost, 11/1/10

Spending on general, broad-based ad networks — which currently are the dominant source among advertisers and agencies that buy online advertising inventory though networks — will decline over the next 12 months as Madison Avenue shifts its focus toward more targeted options based on user behavior or social networks, according to a new study being released this week by the Center for Media Research.

The study, “Ad Networks: Pros & Cons Of Each Platform,” examines the current spending patterns and future intentions of online display advertisers and media buyers about the rapidly changing marketplace, and the role of third-party intermediaries such as ad networks and demand side platforms (DSPs). The study, which was conducted online by InsightExpress, surveyed 275 respondents between Sept. 17 and 29, and found that nearly a third (31%) of digital ad budgets are currently spent on general ad networks, but that share is expected to decline by four percentage points to 27% over the next 12 months as advertisers and agencies shift toward more targeted options.

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IDG CEO’s Digital ‘Obsession’

min’s b2b, 10/25/10

Bob Carrigan, CEO of IDG Communications, led the tech publishing company through a digital transition into a very profitable 2010 fiscal year. Carrigan discusses the programs that pushed IDG to the front, including ad networks, improved lead generation, and events. See what he has planned for IDG in the coming year.

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Top U.S. Online Ad Networks by Reach, September 2010

ClickZ, 10/12/10

Below, the top ten online display advertising networks in the U.S. by reach, according to data from comScore.

The measurement firm estimates Yahoo’s network continues to reach more U.S. users than any other, with 85.9 percent audience penetration. AOL Advertising and Google’s Ad Network follow it, with 85.7 and 82.7 percent, respectively, followed by ValueClick and Turn Media.

Networks operated by 24/7 Real Media, AdBrite, Collective Network, Specific Media, and Microsoft round out the top ten.

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IDG's Carrigan Talks Strategy, Innovation at Virtual Conference

Publishing Executive, 9/24/10

Bob Carrigan , CEO of IDG Communications Worldwide, provided a detailed and insightful overview of his company’s innovative revenue strategies during the morning keynote at the Publishing Business Virtual Conference and Expo, held September 16.

Moderated by GIE Media’s Chris Foster , Carrigan’s keynote ranged over IDG’s evolving approach to multi-platform content delivery and successful build out of an internal ad network and social media marketing plan, among many other topics.

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The Future Is Now: Online Ad Platform Predicts Future Prices

Ad Age, 9/16/10

Ad Network Takes Risk on Future Display Prices in Bid to Unlock TV Ad Dollars

Despite digital media’s virulent growth, it’s still TV that drives the billion-dollar advertising budgets for most major corporations, which means planning for those ad dollars is often set well in advance. Online marketing, however, is often up-to-the-minute, steered by vast ad networks and exchanges that broker the buying and selling of page views in a sometimes opaque bidding process.

But one company recently unveiled a new system that claims to predict the future prices of page views, which could allow buyers to lock in prices up to 12 months in advance, more akin to TV buying.

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