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Join The IDG Contributor Network!

IDG Enterprise—the leading enterprise technology media company composed of CIO, Computerworld, CSO, DEMO, InfoWorld, ITworld and Network World—has accepted more than 100 technology experts into the IDG Contributor Network. Launched in June 2014, the IDG Contributor Network provides a platform for technology and security practitioners and experts to share their expertise on the most pressing technology topics—both broad and niche—with their peers through blog posts on IDG Enterprise’s branded sites.

Technology decision-makers often reference peers as a top source of information. This was reconfirmed in the 2014 IDG Enterprise Role & Influence study, highlighting that peers and technology content sites are the top information resources relied on by IT leaders to help them be effective in their role. The IDG Contributor Network unites these two tremendous resources and encourages individuals working in the IT trenches, analysts, researchers, authors, professors and other experts to share their knowledge.

“Technology is transforming business at a breakneck speed. By adding this opportunity for peer voices to our established sites, the IDG Contributor Network provides unique perspectives on technology and leadership issues. We have been very impressed with the blog posts shared by our contributors,” said Joyce Carpenter, director of the IDG Contributor Network, IDG US Media. “As we look to expand the number of contributors to make the IDG Contributor Network one of the largest and most robust communities of tech writers, we encourage individuals who have technology expertise to share to apply.”


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What Are Some Key Differences in Social Activity Around the World?


Asia-Pacific shows interest in mobile messaging as social alternative; Germany leans toward local social sites

On first glance, it might seem possible to sum up the global social network landscape in a single word: Facebook. With almost 1.1 billion users expected by the end of 2013, Facebook has become the top social network in nearly every country in the world except China and Russia. However, it is far from the only social network internet users worldwide access. Even with a clear leader, the global landscape is too complex to be summed up with a single site, according to a new eMarketer report, “The Global Social Network Landscape: A Country-by-Country Guide to Social Network Usage.”

What follows is a sample of key social networking trends in various countries.

159257 What Are Some Key Differences in Social Activity Around the World?
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5 Ways to Use B2B Social Media to Break Company Silos

Social Media B2B
Many B2B companies approach social media the same way they approach other parts of their business. With silos. No matter the size of the company, there are separations that reduce efficiency and cause confusion both within and outside the company. Even social media starts in a silo, usually in the marketing or pr department. And don’t even get me started on technology silos where company data lives in different systems depending on the function.
Here are some ways to use social media to break down the silos in your B2B company:
1. Align Sales with Social Media

The lack of alignment between sales and marketing continues to exist as more B2B companies use social media to generate leads and improve their prospecting. Short of doing an exchange program where you embed a marketer in your sales team and a sales person in your marketing team, this starts with communication. Make sure that each team understands the other’s challenges. Marketing is now responsible for more of the journey through the buying process than ever before….

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Fortune 500 Adoption of Social Media Slowing

Marketing Profs

The use of bloggingTwitter, and Facebook among the nation’s largest companies has leveled off in 2011, according to a new study by the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. Among companies listed on the 2011 Fortune 500, the use of three key social media platforms–Twitter, Facebook, and blogs—has increased slightly or stayed flat over the previous 12 months:

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What Makes a Good Blog Post: 10 Tips for Corporate Bloggers

Content Marketing Inst.

Uh oh,” you may be thinking. “The marketing department is talking about that whole blogging thing again. Last time we did this, it was a disaster. Worse, no one seemed to like my posts.”

Yikes! Stop right there! And think again!

Yes, a lot of corporate blogs are awful. But neither your company’s blog nor the posts you contribute to should bear a sense of impending doom. At Right Source, we spend a lot of time helping clients manage their blogs. This involves bringing together subject matter experts, sales reps, marketing employees, and executives — many of whom have unique ideas but have never written a blog post.

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Social Media Club: Interview Adam Kaufman & Tom Langford

Hyper-Local, Hyper-Social, Hyper-Competitive: The New Journalism”

Are bloggers journalists? Adam Kaufman, new media sports contributor, NESN.com and Tom Langford, a reporter at New England Cable News, answered that question in an interview with Colin Browning, IDG Strategic Marketing Services. Langford answered Browning’s question first…

The entire discussion can now be viewed at

Infographic: Essentials of a perfect blog post


Most companies know that there are many benefits to blogging, but what does it take to engage customers and make your content stand out?

Business 2 Community outlines the essential features of a compelling blog in this new infographic, proving that blogging requires more than simply publishing your thoughts. Bloggers need to engage readers, optimize the blog for search engines, and actively participate in conversations. Read more.

‘BtoB’ launches BtoBlog

BtoB Daily News

BtoB launches a new blog called BtoBlog which can proudly boast of contributions from marketing experts from companies such as Intel, Forrester etc.

Meet the BtoB team here.

Read the BtoBlog here.

72% – What’s Happening? Personal Tweets

Pew Research

Among adults who use Twitter, the microblogging service which allows users to post comments online, tweets related to the personal and work life of a user are the most popular. Fully 72% of Twitter users say that they post updates related to their personal life, activities or interests. Another 62% of Twitter users report posting updates about their work life. Sharing news stories, posting humorous observations about life, retweeting material by others and sending direct messages to others are also popular tweets, with a small majority of Twitter users reporting they share each of these types of posts on Twitter. Of the posts asked about, the least popular tweets involved sharing videos with others and tweeting your location — each of these was done by only about a quarter of Twitter users. Read more

Pew: Older Generations Catching Up On Web

MediaPost, 12/16/10

Millennials, the 18- to-33-year-old population bracket prized by marketers, no longer dominates the Internet as it once did as activities like email and search become more common across all U.S. age groups. But a new study by the Pew Internet & Life Project found Millennials are still well ahead in areas like social networking, instant messaging, and playing online games.

Blogging was the only activity that dropped off in popularity for any age segment, with half as many teens blogging as in 2006 and Millennials also seeing a slight decline. Blogging among all online adults increased only to 14% from 11% in late 2008.

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