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Connecting the Dots Between Content and Sales

IDGE Connecting the Dots Between Content and Sales

Marketers spent more than $40 billion on custom media in 2011. B2B marketers are allocating one-third of their budgets to content marketing, and more than half plan to increase content marketing spending in 2013. However, as many IT marketers are discovering, content marketing is a complex practice that requires insights not just into what type of content to develop and deliver, but when and how to deliver these assets to ensure maximum engagement.

This whitepaper will provide you with:

  • A better understanding of the role content consumption plays in the purchase process for major technology products and services.
  • Important insights on creating distinctive and high impact content marketing campaigns that create high levels of engagement with IT decision-makers, driving awareness, trust, and, most importantly, sales.
  • Tips on delivering the right content—in context—to make your brand message stand out in an increasingly crowded landscape.

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Social’s Limited Marketing Might


Social may have established itself as a brand-building requirement, but — as some marketers have learned the hard way — it can’t replace other channels yet. “Brand-building strategy and social strategy are inextricably intertwined,” according to Forrester analyst Tracy Stokes. Yet, “social efforts do not represent a stand-alone solution and need the scale and consistency of paid and owned media.”

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Nielsen Strengthens Online Campaign Ratings For Ads


Nielsen has inked a deal to buttress its Online Campaign Ratings (OCR), days after AOL said it would use the data as a first-of-its-kind carrot to attract more video advertising. Under the arrangement, Nielsen will meld data from AdSafe Media on whether a particular ad ran in a “safe” environment into the OCR system.

Nielsen executive Chris Louie said the integration offers OCR upgrades in terms of both “verification” and “viewability.” Advertisers can gain insight into whether an ad ran in a “brand-safe environment,” with OCR tracking the percent of ads running on sites deemed within an advertiser’s safety guidelines. The data can further yield information on the devices ads are viewed on and specifics about the content genre, such as news, entertainment, etc.

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Video Boosts Brand Engagement, Site Visits


Many marketers have moved past a direct-response-centric model for online display advertising, recognizing that despite low clickthrough rates, banner ads also have a branding effect. And research suggests that adding rich media or video to those banner ads can improve both types of response—increasing the likelihood users will click the ads as well as boosting the lingering brand awareness that results from viewing.

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Can Marketers Optimize Branding Campaigns in Real Time? – Brands aim to be more nimble with digital ad optimization


Marketers buying print or TV ads are often stuck with the same creative for the entire campaign lifecycle, even if periodic brand-health metrics show low favorability toward the campaign or poor ad recall.

But online, marketers increasingly look to swap out creative based on performance—and may even run hundreds of creative iterations that can be tailored to unique audiences through dynamic creative optimization.

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Ad Execs Bullish On Digital, Marketers More So On Social: Data Reveals ‘Disconnect’ With Agencies


Advertising executives -– both marketers and their agency representatives -– continue to increase their optimism toward digital media options, and are beginning to swing toward it as more of a “branding” than a performance “option,” but there are some significant disconnects between the way they look at various digital media silos. While agency executives tend to be far more bullish on the overall use of digital media, marketers are much more optimistic about budgeting for social media.

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Brand vs. Branding: When Less is More


When it comes to branding, the larger danger is spending too much, rather than spending too little.

It’s a myth that having lots of brands and plenty of branding is good for business. After a certain point, both brands and branding cease to be useful–and, in fact, can be positively toxic. To understand why, though, it’s first necessary to differentiate between “brand” and “branding.”   You’ll see why in a minute.

Conference Board “Branding in the Social Media World”


Social media understanding seems to be splintering if last week’s Conference Board seminar on “Branding in the Social Media World” is anything to go by. Let’s face it – social media is such an enormous ‘bucket’ that it’s difficult to know what level to pitch it, and this seminar had everything from absolute beginners to accomplished players in its audience. I’m wondering if conference organizers need to start pitching their events in ‘levels’ that are more specifically defined for would-be delegates.

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Branding: How It Works in the Social Media Age [INFOGRAPHIC]


Branding and social media — they seem to go together so well, yet they’re both widely misunderstood. While social media can serve as a gigantic megaphone for your brand, social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter can also give a company a golden opportunity to shoot itself in the figurative foot. It’s time to shed some light on branding and social media, and to do that, AYTM Market Research surveyed 2,000 Internet users, randomly chosen from its huge built-in online panel.

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More B2B Marketers Embrace Social Media Efforts – Benefits include lead generation, awareness-building and thought leadership


More business-to-business companies are using social media as part of their marketing mix. Some have found that sites for professional networking, like LinkedIn, are an effective way to generate leads, while more casual social media mainstays, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, are helping B2B firms reach customers in new ways.

“Leveraging social media for branding and awareness-building can help humanize B2B companies, establish them as thought leaders, and offer new touchpoints for connecting with customers and prospects,” said Kimberly Maul, eMarketer writer/analyst and author of the new report, “B2B Social Media: A Growing Focus for Marketers.”

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