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Report: Mobile influencing purchases, not converting


When it comes to the mobile space, an important line is being drawn in the ether: that of influence by not necessarily conversion. New data out from L2 Think Tank indicates that mobiles are using increasingly using their devices – only not for purchasing Meanwhile, a new study out from ReRez Research on behalf of Symantec shows how quickly – or not – many brands are adopting the mobile space. According to the results:

• 66% say the benefits of mobile outweigh the risks 

• For ‘Innovator’ businesses – those adopting mobile early – 28% use Android devices, 26% use iOS devices

• Three-quarters of Innovators have company polices for the use of ‘work’ smartphones/tablets

• Innovators have shown 44% revenue growth and 34% profit growth\

• ‘Traditionals’ – those adopting mobile more slowly – have shown 30% revenue growth and 23% profit growth 

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IDG Global Solutions Mobile Users Survey Finds Worldwide Reliance on Smartphones

Business Wire

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.–More than 21,000 survey participants worldwide have told IDG Global Solutions (IGS) that they depend on mobile devices day and night for much more than calls, texting, and email. Among the more popular activities with smartphone and tablet users werebrowsing the Internet, mobile apps, and social networking. Single-use devices are being replaced by mobile products with a majority of respondents saying they are no longer using stand-alone clock/alarm, personal organizer, music player, and 35% have dropped a landline phone.

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