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The CIO’s Role in the Internet of Things

CIO Dashboard

In our soon-to-be-released Digital IQ survey of over 1,400 business and technology executives, 20% of respondents say they plan to invest in sensors. We feel confident in predicting that the Internet of Things (IoT) or the Internet of Everything will finally begin to take off this year, as futurists have forecasted for years. What remains to be seen is whether or not CIOs will win their rightful place in product design planning and the development of business instrumentation strategy.

Slowly but surely businesses and governments will use sensors to digitize droves of everyday devices and extract infinite amounts of information and insights to gain a competitive edge and garner deeper relationships with customers. Here are a handful of examples we expect to materialize this year:

  • Mobile devices will interact with the digital data that surrounds them, giving users the benefits of a true digital assistant
  • Low cost sensors will track shopping traffic patterns to enable retailors to improve customer service, streamline operations and lower costs
  • Motion and weight sensors will direct drivers to open parking spaces
  • Manufacturers will track everything in their supply chains to streamline operations
  • City governments will use gunfire locators to sense when a gun is fired and notify authorities

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The one map your CMO must share with your CIO

IDC PMS4colorversion  The one map your CMO must share with your CIO

So many marketing solutions are available that it is very difficult for marketers, chief digital officers, and CIOs to have a holistic view of what they have, what they need and why. IDC has recently created a tool to help – The 2014 Marketing Technology Map. This tool provides a visualization of the different technologies needed to support different marketing organizations no matter how small or large, digital or non digital, modern or not. Pictured below is the whole map which presents solutions in four broad categories:
  1. Interaction: The primary function of these solutions is to be customer facing
  2. Content:  The primary function of these solutions is to facilitate the production and management of marketing content
  3. Data and Analytics: The primary function of these solutions is to store and produce insights from customer, operations, and financial data
  4. Management and Administration: The primary function of these solutions is to provide internal communications, workflows, budgeting and expense tracking.

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How to Make Technology a Win-Win for the CMO and CIO

IDG Connect 0811 How to Make Technology a Win Win for the CMO and CIO

Technology used to be the exclusive realm of the CIO; now, it underpins the work of every facet of every organisation. CMOs want to use digital technology to power their campaigns and sales drives; HR wants to automate payroll and resource management; and so on. IT decision-making is now everyone’s responsibility – but rather than facing extinction, the CIO still plays a crucial role in making sure these decisions are sound.

CIOs need to play to their strengths – and in doing so, help their C-suite counterparts play to theirs. The CIO has deep technical expertise coupled with a holistic view of technology within the organisation; they’re used to ensuring that a new technology won’t wreak havoc across other parts of the system before they invest in it. This puts them in a unique position to both support other line-of-business initiatives, and also ensure compliance and internal control (so that one division’s rapid adoption doesn’t endanger another’s outcomes).

However, this doesn’t mean the CIO should be the policeman of IT; rather they should be partnering with their executive colleagues and seeking to understand their goals better. These goals are often more directly aligned with business growth and efficiency than IT’s, which have traditionally been more of the “keep the lights running” type. If you’re a CMO, the objective of your marketing and social media campaign directly impacts the business’ bottom line – but you also need technical leadership so that your campaign runs smoothly and without downtime.

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CIO Magazine’s Research Highlights Increased Spending on New IT Projects and CIO/LOB Collaboration

IDG Enterprise

Mobile/Wireless, Outsourced IT Services (including Cloud), and Hardware Investments Rise

Framingham, Mass. – August 2, 2013 – IDG’s CIO, the executive-level IT media brand providing insight into business technology leadership, reveals the CIO Tech Poll: IT Economic Outlook results for June 2013. The study indicates that IT leaders are seeing increased budgets over the next year, with an overall increase of 4.9%, and that mobile/wireless, outsourced IT services (including cloud) and hardware investments are on the rise. As tech investments continue to rise, IT remains a leader in the tech purchase process and collaborates with line of business (LOB) executives on determining the business need.

Spending on New Projects Rises

CIOs remain optimistic on IT spending in the coming year, with more than half expecting to increase their overall budget.

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The CMO/CIO Bond: How Solid Is Yours?


While CMOs often save time by developing tech-driven programs that somehow bypass their IT departments, going rogue usually backfires, according to a new report from Forrester. In fact, CMOs who actively work to build strong relationships with their IT counterparts have the most success with marketing innovations.

Some CMOs inherently get that  “understanding the internal technology plumbing is as critical as understanding customer behavior,” writes Forrester analyst

Sheryl Pattek in the new report, which includes a quiz that CMOs can take to assess how tech-advanced (or limited) their skills are.

Those who don’t — buying technology to suit their immediate needs rather than taking the time to develop it internally — end up using piecemeal solutions and don’t fully take advantage of the best customer touchpoints or account for an entire purchasing cycle

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Cloud Models Maturing, Majority of IT Examining Additional Opportunities to Migrate to the Cloud

IDGE Cloud Models Maturing, Majority of IT Examining Additional Opportunities to Migrate to the Cloud
IDG Enterprise

IDG Enterprise’s 2013 Cloud Computing Research Details Cloud Adoption, Ownership of Cloud Investments and Opportunities for Solution Providers
FRAMINGHAM, MA– – IDG Enterprise — the media company comprising Computerworld, InfoWorld, Network World, CIO, DEMO, CSO, CIO Executive Council, ITworld, CFOworld and CITEworld — releases the results from the 2013 cloud computing research, highlighting how cloud is transforming IT, public vs. private cloud strategies, cloud ownership and opportunities for cloud solution providers.

IT Transformation via Cloud Computing
Cloud adoption is maturing and the majority of organizations (61%) have at least a portion of their computing infrastructure in the cloud. Additionally, one-third (29%) anticipate that the majority of IT operations will be in the cloud in the next five years, with the exception of financial and compliance applications. Cloud computing capabilities that align with business strategy are driving investments, including enabling business continuity (43%), improving customer support and services (43%), increasing flexibility to react to changing market conditions (40%) and reducing resource waste (40%).

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Computerworld’s Premier 100 IT Leaders 2014



Now’s your chance to get a worthy CIO or other top IT executive at your company (or client or partner companies, in any industry) nominated for the 2014 Premier 100 IT Leaders awards. Computerworld has launched its annual search for technology professionals who have demonstrated leadership in their organizations through the use of IT and have the strategic vision to align technology with business goals.


Nominations are being collected now through Friday, Aug. 30.


For more information about the program, please visit our Web site at:


Questions?: Please email us at: Premier100@computerworld.com

Computerworld’s Data+ Event Features Strategies to Monetize Big Data Through Business Analytics

IDG Enterprise

Speed Networking and Lightning Round Sessions Spotlight Sponsor Thought Leadership

May 21, 2013–Framingham, Mass.– IDG’s Computerworld—the IT media brand dedicated to providing peer perspective, IT leadership and business results—announcesData+, the world’s most authoritative conference on analyzing, predicting and monetizing big data. Data+, which evolved from the former BI & Analytics Perspectives Conference, will take place September 8-10, 2013 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Over the course of this two-day event, 250+ IT decision-makers and business leaders will connect with their peers and leading big data business and technology solution providers.

“As the data deluge of the enterprise grows ever broader and deeper, the need for predictive and advanced analytics has become one of the most pressing challenges companies of all sizes and industries are facing today,” said Bob Melk, SVP, group publisher & CMO, IDG Enterprise. “At Computerworld’s Data+ conference, IT and business decision-makers will receive valuable insight on deploying a strategy designed to propel their business forward by monetizing one of their greatest assets, their data.”

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CMO/CIO Summit: The Rise of Marketing Technology

Ad Age/BtoB

The May 20 conference in New York City will focus on the rise of marketing technology, how it’s changing organizations, and the impact on CMOs and CIOs. The opening keynote is by Eduardo Conrado, who early this year became senior VP, Marketing and IT at Motorola Solutions. Technology and marketing leaders from Nationwide and InterContinental Hotels Group along with executives from Razorfish and GE will discuss new relationships and a transformation underway.

Attendees will hear how savvy marketers and their partners in the tech suite have:
• Removed internal organizational silos
• Adopted marketing-tech platforms
• Unified the consumer experience across multiple channels
• Harnessed real-time data
• Measured performance and attributed growth to various activities
• Improved effectiveness to drive profit
• Justified increased marketing investment

Put “Marketing Technology: The Rise of CMO-CIO Alignment” on your Internet Week New York calendar. Register now for the afternoon conference sponsored by IDG.

 CMO/CIO Summit: The Rise of Marketing Technology


CIOs and CMOs Must Collaborate for Business Results

CIO Press Release

Research Conducted by CIO Highlights CIO/CMO Relationship Gaps and Misconceptions to Be Addressed at CIO/CMO Agenda Event

FRAMINGHAM, MA–(Marketwired – Apr 30, 2013) - CIO‘s 2013 CIO/CMO Partnership survey digs into the CIO/CMO relationship from how these executives view each other, to future IT spending. Overall, the results stress that CIOs and CMOs must work together now to ensure investments for automating marketing align with enterprise architecture for maximum business results. The growing need for collaboration and alignment between the CIO and CMO for technology solution adoption — highlighted in the survey — has sparked the launch of the CIO/CMO Agenda event, produced by CIO in partnership with The CMO Club.

CIO and CMO Perceptions
The majority of CIOs and CMOs (82% and 77% respectively) describe their relationship with the other as excellent/good and 40% of CIOs and 27% of CMOs believe that the relationship will continue to improve over the next year. One reason for this positive view of the relationship is that respondents most often characterized each other as a consultant or strategic player in technology decisions. However, 14% of CMOs see CIOs as a road block and an additional 19% view CIOs as a risk assessor. One-quarter of CIOs view CMOs as a rogue player (view chart). Adoption of cloud solutions without IT’s approval was also highlighted in IDG Enterprise’s CITE research, including employee use of consumer services (41%) and file sharing tools (31%). To benefit the enterprise, CIOs and CMOs believe that collaboration, agility, innovation, customer insight and influence with the CEO are key to developing a closer relationship, which is necessary for results.

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