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Digital Impact Recap: Dell on socializing the organization


“Conversations are conversations — not business segments. They are based on what people feel,” said Richard Binhammer, director of social media and community at Dell The PRSA 2012 Digital Impact Conference at New York’s Sentry Center, Binhammer discussed how people are using the Web to connect and how “social brings new dynamics to continuing to grow the intersection between business value and customer value.” He said that there are three types of relationships: authority, community and exchange.

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Facebook’s 2011 Ad Sales Took No Pity on Portals


Agencies, marketers, and research data all say the same thing about Facebook’s 2011 ad sales. The social giant left portals Yahoo, AOL, and MSN in the dust, as well as most major publishers.

“It’s definitely a challenge to [Yahoo, AOL, and MSN],” said Scott Symonds, head of media for digital agency AKQA. Symonds said Facebook’s marketing allure lies in not only its 800 million worldwide users, but also how it can offer advertisers routine follow-up pitches in terms of the likers/fans community they build on the social site.

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HP puts webOS on open source track – HP promises ‘active’ role, and money, to speed webOS development

Network World

HP announced today that it will “contribute” its webOS operating system to the open source community.

The software, along with the companion ENYO application framework, now will be available under an open source license to anyone who wants to use the mobile OS first created by Palm for the Pre line of smartphones. HP plans to be an “active participant and investor” in the open source initiative, but didn’t say how or to what extent.

ROAD WARRIOR ROADKILL: 2011’s mobile technology losers

HP’s announcement today was short on details. According to a statement, HP will “engage the open source community to help define the charter of the … project.”

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1 in 3 Americans Concerned With Tech Privacy


35% of Americans cite privacy concerns as their best description of the negative aspects or implications of a more technology-connected lifestyle, according to [pdf] a National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and McAfee study released in November 2011. Data from the “2011 Internet Home Users Survey” indicates that 22% dislike the cost implications of new devices and connectivity/service plans, while 15% miss the face-to-face social connections with family, friends, and community. Less than 1 in 10 say they dislike being always connected and reachable by work, matched by the proportion that say there are no negative aspects or implications to a more connected lifestyle.

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Social Media Presence More Important Than Social Media Ads Yet marketers have concerns with the communities they’ve built on social sites


Social media marketers feel that having a presence on social sites is more important than advertising there, but there are still challenges related to keeping a community running online.

In July 2011, Microsoft Advertising and Advertiser Perceptions surveyed social media marketers in six countries around the world and found that 74% of them thought it was very important to have a presence on Facebook, but only 57% felt the same way about advertising there. On Twitter, presence also carried more weight, with 47% of respondents saying they thought it was very important. But in Twitter’s case, there was not as much of a difference between presence and advertising, at 42%.

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IDG Launches Social Media Marketing Service in CommunityWorks Program will develop communities and “social media evangelism.”


IDG Enterprise and IDG Marketing Services have introduced a new social media marketing program called CommunityWorks. According to Charles Lee, senior vice president of strategic programs & custom solutions, the program offers two primary deliverables: Community and Content Platform & Management and Social Web Integration services.

Community and Content Platform Management includes development of an online community with a full-time community manager/community curator, according to Lee. “This individual works with the client and an assigned IDG Enterprise Custom Solutions Group editor to craft the overall content mission and plans for both fluid community and structured content development,” he adds.

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