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Digital Impact Recap: Dell on socializing the organization


“Conversations are conversations — not business segments. They are based on what people feel,” said Richard Binhammer, director of social media and community at Dell The PRSA 2012 Digital Impact Conference at New York’s Sentry Center, Binhammer discussed how people are using the Web to connect and how “social brings new dynamics to continuing to grow the intersection between business value and customer value.” He said that there are three types of relationships: authority, community and exchange.

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Social models still emerging

WARC, 3/8/11

LONDON: Many brand owners are at a “nascent” stage when it comes to embracing social media, and could therefore be missing out on key insights, innovation ideas and meaningful revenues.

SAS and the Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed 391 executives worldwide, and found 22% of represented firms had redefined customer value, and another 43% intended to so.

The sales provided by each consumer is still the leading metric, with 65%, while profitability logged 59%, lifetime value registered 38% and purchase frequency delivered 36%.

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