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Mobile Disconnect: New Burson-Marsteller Study Finds 62 Percent of Fortune 50 Companies Use Mobile Communications to Reach Stakeholders — But Few Promote Their Mobile Presence On Their Corporate Websites

Daily Dog, 12/16/10

Sixty-two percent of Fortune 50 companies are reaching out to their customers and other key stakeholder groups using some form of mobile communications, according to a new study by Burson-Marsteller and its sister firm Proof Integrated Communications. But the research found that only 39 percent of these companies highlight their mobile offerings on their corporate websites. “It is surprising that companies with mobile offerings are not taking advantage of every channel to let stakeholders know about their mobile websites, applications, and SMS tools,” said B.L. Ochman, managing director of emerging media for Proof. “With so many customers accessing the Internet through mobile devices, companies need to promote their mobile offerings with vigor.”

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A Whopping Ninety-Four Percent of Companies Not Yet Using Social Media for Customer Feedback, According to New Study: Few Organizations Mine the Social Media Channel to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Daily Dog, 12/16/10

A new study released this week by enterprise feedback management (EFM) and market research firm MarketTools revealed that 94 percent of companies do not yet use social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to gather customer feedback, despite consumers’ growing engagement with these mediums. The study found that the most common ways companies gather customer feedback are: email/online surveys (51 percent), formal phone surveys (28 percent), and informal phone calls (28 percent). “Despite the fact that social media channels represent a rich, continuous stream of customer feedback, few organizations are equipped to take advantage of this channel,” said Justin Schuster, vice president of enterprise products for MarketTools.

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Guided by Buyers: Four tactics to create a customer-centric sales and marketing strategy

Marketing Sherpa, 12/15/10

The customer comes first. We all know this isn’t always the case, but employing this attitude when looking at the B2B marketing and sales process can really pay off. Benefits include a better integration of Sales and Marketing, which allows Marketing to offer tangible results and a streamlined buying experience for the customer that will lead to more revenue.

One former VP and current business growth consultant has spent more than 30 years working to promote alignment between Marketing, Sales and leadership, and offers four tactics Marketing can use to improve the marketing and sales cycle through a customer-centric approach.

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Dell To Launch Social Media Listening Command Center

Mashable, 12/9/10

Dell’s CEO Michael Dell and CMO Karen Quintos will officially launch the company’s Social Media Listening Command Center today.

We first heard wind of this development in October when Dell’s Vice President of Social Media (social media) and Community Manish Mehta announced that Dell had plans to launch the program at Altimeter’s Rise of Social Commerce Conference. Just more than two months later, that announcement is coming to fruition with the opening of the center.

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What b-to-c tactics can benefit b2b marketers?

BtoB, 12/9/10

Engaging customers and prospects with relevant communications is essential to marketing success. By combining marketing automation technologies often used by business-to-consumer marketers with sophisticated email tactics, b2b marketers can better establish a rich dialogue with individual prospects and customers.

Here are three b-to-c tactics that b2b marketers can incorporate into their programs to more strongly engage with contacts and drive revenue:

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It's Time To Bury The Marketing Funnel

Forbes, 12/8/10

The customer life cycle is what’s important now.

A few months ago, I asked a broad range of marketing leaders: Does the marketing funnel still work for you? Or are you moving into something else? This sparked several heated debates and ultimately reinforced that more than a century after its first use, marketing leaders still turn to the “marketing funnel” to describe three key aspects of their work: consumer psychology, marketing mix measurement and the business value of marketing. But is this the right move for marketers given the rapid changes transforming the marketing landscape? At Forrester, we believe the answer is no.

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Mastering the art of modern marketing Entrepreneur corner

Entrepreneur Corner, 12/7/10

The modern chief marketing officer is as much a scientist as he or she is an artist.

The role is one that’s rapidly evolving these days thanks to advanced new technologies that allow marketing professionals to track, target and measure their company’s spend. At Bessemer, we see many of the best CMOs as “quant jocks” – not creative types ordinarily concerned with creating attractive print ads or snappy videos. Top CMOs get the creative, but also understand how to use the latest high-tech tools to maximize marketing programs and convert potential customers into buyers.

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Level 3: Comcast demands fees for Web movie viewing

IDG News Service, 11/29/10

Comcast has demanded that broadband backbone provider Level 3 Communications pay it a recurring fee for delivering video traffic to Comcast customers, Level 3 said Monday.

Comcast said it would cut off its own customers’ access to the movies and other Web traffic unless Level 3 paid the fee, Level 3 said in a press release.

The Comcast decision violates network neutrality principles that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission approved in 2005, Level 3 said. Comcast successfully challenged the FCC’s enforcement of the net neutrality principles when, earlier this year, a U.S. appeals court threw out its ruling against the broadband provider slowing peer-to-peer traffic on its network.

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14 Social Media Pros and Cons

ClickZ, 11/24/10

We often exult the greatness of social media, but in our euphoria we sometimes overlook the dark side of social media. I thought it would be helpful to put together a quick pros and cons list so that if you are engaging with social media for your company that you can go in with eyes wide open.

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Disruptive Renewal

Forrester, 11/18/10

This morning I had the privilege of keynoting Forrester’s EMEA Marketing and Strategy Forum.

My keynote introduced a new stream of research we’re developing in the Consumer Product Strategy role: Disruptive Renewal. We also today published our first report on the topic, which Forrester clients can download here.

The basic principle of Disruptive Renewal is that connected device adoption and the broader digitization process are permanently and irrevocably changing the way in which customers interact with products and services. Media industries were on the bleeding edge of these trends, causing what we have called the Media Meltdown, a painful transition that put audiences in control and permanently disrupted media company business models and products.

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