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Global Research: Mobile for Work and Shopping


By Christina Carstensen

As both a founding supporter of the IAB Mobile Center of Excellence and a technology media company, IDG has a special interest in trying to better understand buyers and sellers.  Numerous research reports have chronicled the explosive adoption of mobile devices but for mobile advertising to accelerate, it is critical to identify buyer behaviors and, most importantly, buyer preferences. To that end, a recent IDG Global Solutions (IGS) online survey asked people in 43 countries how they use their mobile devices at work and when shopping.
The IGS survey of more than 25,000 tech professionals and tech enthusiasts provides revealing insights into the importance of mobile in the buying process, the perception of mobile advertising, and the behavioral shifts brought on by rapid adoption rates for both tablets and smartphones. The spring 2013 online research reveals that today’s mobile audience is highly engaged, always on, is increasingly receptive to mobile ads, and uses tablets and smartphones at each stage of the purchase process including buying!


Personal and Work Lives Converge
Much has been written about the dramatic adoption rates for connected devices and mobile becoming the preferred channel for the tech savvy. However, the mobile momentum and ever-changing interaction with technology has led to major behavioral shifts. Users have migrated from the established separation of work and play toward an “always on” mentality reflected in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work trend. Today, the lines between private lives and work are being erased with 41% of smartphone users and 37% of tablet users saying that they use privately purchased smartphones and tablets as business devices. The figures rise steeply in emerging regions such as Asia Pacific and Latin America where over 60% of respondents use their own devices on their work networks. Many of the respondents are among the most tech savvy, a group that serves as an early indicator of what is to come with the general population.

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World Tech Update – 10/24/13

IDG News Service

Coming up on WTU this week Apple debuts the iPad Air, Nokia bets on its camera technology, we try out the Samsung Galaxy Round smartphone and MIT creates a prototype that can see through walls.

Infographic: Marketer and Audience Insights on Social Media Worldwide

logo Infographic: Marketer and Audience Insights on Social Media Worldwide

See how the continued growth of social media is fueling a fundamental change in the way marketers leverage audience engagements. When it comes to a global audience, social media is increasingly used as a trusted source of insights, information & opinion. For marketers, their investment in social media increases to help maximize engagement. View the infographic below for more statistics…

Jason Social Final Infographic: Marketer and Audience Insights on Social Media Worldwide









World Tech Update Video – 10/10/13

IDG News Service

Coming up on WTU this week Samsung’s Galaxy Round has a new form factor, Microsoft’s Ballmer hints at Office on iPad and MIT powers up with new wireless charging technology.

IDG World Tech Update – 10/3/13

IDG News Service

Coming up on WTU this week we’re at the Ceatec expo in Japan where NTT Docomo showed a Google Glass competitor, Pioneer debuted a compact HUD and super tough glass could be slammed, heated and bent with no issue.

World Tech Update – 9/26/13

IDG News Service

Coming up on WTU this week Microsoft tries again with new Surface tablets, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison snubs customers for sailboat race and we show you how to build a custom PC.

Tablet Shipments Forecast to Top Total PC Shipments in the Fourth Quarter of 2013 and Annually by 2015

IDC PMS4colorversion 1 Tablet Shipments Forecast to Top Total PC Shipments in the Fourth Quarter of 2013 and Annually by 2015

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.– The worldwide smart connected device market, comprised of PCs, tablets, and smartphones, is forecast to grow 27.8% year over year in 2013, slightly lower than the 30.3% growth in 2012. The growth will be driven by tablet and smartphone shipments, while the PC outlook has been lowered by 10% in 2013. As a result, the International Data Corporation (IDCWorldwide Quarterly Smart Connected Device Tracker expects tablet shipments to surpass total PC shipments (desktop plus portable PCs) in the fourth quarter of 2013 (4Q13). PCs shipments are still expected to be greater than tablet shipments for the full year, but IDC forecasts tablet shipments will surpass total PC shipments on an annual basis by the end of 2015. Smartphones will continue to ship in high volumes, surpassing 1.4 billion units in 2015 and accounting for 69% of all smart connected device shipments worldwide.

In terms of shipment value, the worldwide smart connected device market will again exhibit double-digit year-over-year growth of 10.6% in 2013, but this growth will gradually slow to just 3.1% in 2017. The tapering revenue forecast reflects the increasing impact of low-cost smartphones and the white box tablet market. Worldwide smart connected device value is expected to be $622.4 billion in 2013, of which $423.1 billion will come from the sub-$350 smartphone and sub-$350 tablet segments collectively. “At a time when the smartphone and tablet markets are showing early signs of saturation, the emergence of lower-priced devices will be a game-changer,” said Megha Saini, Research Analyst with IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Smart Connected Device Tracker. “Introducing new handsets and tablet devices at cheaper price points along with special initiatives like trade-in programs from Apple and BestBuy will accelerate the upgrade cycle and expand the total addressable market overnight.”

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Twitter Outshines Facebook With Earlier Focus on Mobile


Twitter Inc., the microblogging service that plans an initial public offering, is outpacing its bigger competitors Facebook Inc. (FB) and Google Inc. (GOOG) in a crucial growth area: mobile advertising. Ads on smartphones and tablets will make up more than half of Twitter’s ad revenue this year, according to EMarketer Inc. That puts it ahead of Facebook, which generated 41 percent of its ad revenue from mobile promotions in the latest quarter. Google, the largest search engine, is estimated to get slightly less than one quarter of its revenue this year from mobile ads, EMarketer said.

While Twitter makes up just a tiny slice of the $16.7 billion projected mobile-ad market this year, it has the advantage of concentrating on mobile from an earlier stage and from a smaller base. That may help assuage investor concerns going into the company’s IPO, as mobile has been an area that has bedeviled other Internet companies. Facebook and Google, which initially focused on online ads for personal computers, have more recently had to reshape their massive ad businesses as users spend more time on the Web via smartphones and tablets.

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IDC: 87% Of Connected Devices By 2017 Will Be Tablets And Smartphones


The latest round of tablet, smartphone and PC forecasts from IDC released yesterday in their smart connected device market forecastshows how rapidly tablets and large-screen (5+ inch) smartphones are redefining the market.

These forecasts also underscore how the majority of enterprises need to better plan how to get the most out of mobility investments given the constraints of their IT infrastructures.

The bottom line is that the majority of enterprises today aren’t prepared for the pace of change that the IDC forecasts predict.

Many are struggling to orchestrate mobile device management, security, and workable Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) governance into their IT planning.  Initiating and improving application development, reliability and security for mobile applications is also lagging behind, especially in manufacturers.

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Screen Shot 2013 09 16 at 9.50.51 AM IDC: 87% Of Connected Devices By 2017 Will Be Tablets And Smartphones

World Tech Update – 9/12/13

IDG News Service

Coming up on WTU this week we take a closer look at Apple’s new iPhones, find out when Intel Bay Trail tablets will ship and test out a networked coffee maker.