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New IAB Study Reveals ‘Data Divide’: Early Adopters Leverage Cutting-Edge Opportunities in Marketing Data, But Barriers Remain to Broader Use of New Practices

IAB news release

Survey of Nearly 200 Advertising and Marketing Industry Thought Leaders Showcases Emerging Data Approaches & Identifies Key Challenges to Widespread Adoption

NEW YORK, NY — Continuing to demystify the myriad of digital data now available to marketers and online publishers, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) teamed with strategic consulting firm Winterberry Group to create a new study titled “From Information to Audiences: The Emerging Marketing Data Use Cases.” The white paper reveals new practices in data aggregation, management and deployment and spotlights barriers to widespread adoption. Its findings are based on research results from a survey of nearly 200 industry thought leaders and influencers, as well as Winterberry Group’s own quantitative and qualitative research.

IAB research says tablets are perfect ‘downtime’ devices


Research from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) launched today suggests that consumers see tablets as the perfect device for late evening use when in front of the TV.

The study from research company Sparkler in partnership with panel providers On Device Research, found that 51% of all tablet uses occurred in front of the TV. In fact, tablet owners are 50% more likely to use their tablet in this situation than their mobile (35%) or PC (33%).

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The Mobile Fit in Marketing Plans

Future marketing plans will need to include mobile devices.  That’s the view of an increasing number of marketers.  At an IDG mobile marketing panel discussion in September 2011, Anna Bager, who leads mobile initiatives at the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), was asked by IDG Strategic Marketing Services Director, Howard Sholkin, where should mobile fit in a promotional campaign?  Click to see her answer…

IAB launches guidelines for paid promotions in social media

New Media Age

IAB has launched guidelines to help brands comply with consumer protection law around the payment for content to promote products within a social media environment.

IAB Announces Industry Adoption of Impression Exchange Solution to Combat Billing Obstacles– ADTECH, MediaMind, PointRoll & VINDICO Join Google in Committing to IES Implementation

IAB news release

NEW YORK, NY  — ADTECH, MediaMind, PointRoll and VINDICO have pledged to complete implementation of the IAB Impression Exchange Solution (IES) by the end of Q2 2012, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) announced today. These four member companies join Google’s DoubleClick ad serving solutions, which has already rolled out IES to its client base, in the industry-wide effort to improve efficiency and accuracy in the invoicing and payment processes.

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IAB Updates Rich Media Creative Guidelines, Reflecting Rapid Adoption of Highly Engaging Interactive Formats by Brand Advertisers– Brand-Friendly IAB Rising Stars Units Included in Guidelines for First Time

IAB news release

NEW YORK, NY  — With brand marketers more frequently and more broadly leveraging cutting-edge rich media for their interactive campaigns, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has updated its Rich Media Creative Guidelines for the first time since 2008. The result of nine months of work by a cross-industry group that balanced the requirements of advertisers and publishers with the need for positive consumer experiences, the revised guidelines were released today at the IAB Ad Operations Summit in New York City.

Significant changes include:

IAB Wants Audit of Ad Verification Systems


The Interactive Advertising Bureau worked with the Media Rating Council to craft ad verification guidelines in the hopes of limiting discrepancies between ad measurement and ad verification reports.

As more agencies and advertisers employ ad verification technologies to ensure ads appear on intended sites and reach the targeted audience, the IAB wants to standardize verification reporting. The organization is looking for public comments on the guidelines to be submitted by December.

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IAB Advances Data Demystification, Releases Lexicon of Universal Data Segments & Techniques Latest Effort from IAB Aims to Facilitate Communication, Alleviate Confusion Between Media Planners and Publishers & Data Providers

IAB news release

EW YORK, NY – The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has taken another step forward to increase marketplace efficiency with the release today of the “Data Segments & Techniques Lexicon,” a new practical tool that provides media planners with a framework for clearer communication with publishers and data partners. This initiative is one of many that the IAB is undertaking in order to make buying and selling more streamlined and consistent across the digital marketing arena, enhancing the potential for further revenue growth for all stakeholders.

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IAB releases guidelines to standardize rich media ads

Mobile Marketer

New guidelines from the Interactive Advertising Bureau address the fragmentation in in-app advertising, with incompatible rich media ad formats in the marketplace from a variety of vendors.

The IAB has been working with the mobile industry to define a common application programming interface for mobile rich media advertisements and has just released the new guidelines. The goal is to establish a standard framework for these ads and help further growth in mobile advertising.

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IAB Rising Stars Early Adopters Include Three Dozen Blue-Chip Brands & Dozens of Major Web Sites

Groundbreaking Ad Formats Power Innovation and Brand-Building in Digital Display Advertising

IAB news release

Thirty-six top-tier advertisers—including GM, Home Depot, Kraft, Procter & Gamble, Unilever and Universal Pictures—have implemented one or more of the six new IAB Rising Stars ad units to tell their brand stories. This milestone was announced today by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) at the IAB Innovation Days @ Internet Week “The Future of Display” conference. These cutting-edge canvases, tailor-made to inspire creativity in digital brand advertising, have also gained traction in the ad sales community as major publishers—including AOL, CBS Interactive, Hearst, MSN, NBC and Ziff-Davis—have made them available on their sites, further cementing these ad units as industry standards.

“The speedy adoption of the Rising Stars by such an impressive roster of brand marketers confirms that these new ad units answer advertisers’ call for better, more exciting uses of display that bring into play rich, dynamic, immersive experiences, right there in the ad itself,” said Randall Rothenberg, CEO and President, IAB. “The six winning Rising Stars, unveiled just last February at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, bring together the full range of the latest interactive tools and technologies, drawing on the robust capabilities of the Internet to deliver sight, sound and motion, with social underpinnings—all at scale. Brands have wanted this to happen for a long time, and now it is.” Read more.