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Social Media Insider Summit

08/20/2014 - 08/23/2014 LAKE TAHOE CA

iMedia Agency Summit (Malaysia)

08/25/2014 - 08/27/2014 Kota Kinabalu Malaysia

iMedia Brand Summit (Australia)

09/01/2014 - 09/03/2014 Gold Coast Australia

iMedia Brand Summit (India)

09/03/2014 - 09/05/2014 Adao Waddo, Salcette India

iMedia Brand Summit: Marketing in an Always-On World

09/07/2014 - 09/10/2014 Coronado CA

Content Marketing World

09/08/2014 - 09/11/2014 Cleveland OH

Ad Age Digital Conference San Francisco

09/16/2014 San Francisco CA

Ad Age CMO Strategy Summit

09/17/2014 San Francisco CA

CSO Perspectives on Defending Against the Pervasive Attacker

09/17/2014 Boston MA

OMMA Premium Display @ Advertising Week

09/30/2014 New York NY


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Survey: Trust In Online Ads Grows, While Trust in Print and TV Ads Drops


It’s no secret that most of us put more stock in the recommendations we get from friends than traditional forms of advertising. What’s interesting, though, is that while most consumers also increasingly trust online reviews and ads, trust in paid advertising on television, magazines and newspapers has declined pretty rapidly. Thelatest data from Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising Survey shows just how dramatic this decline is: while 92% of consumers say they trust word-of-mouth recommendations, less than half trust paid ads in traditional media outlets. The trust in these ads has declined by more than 20% since 2009.

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Report: Online Ads To Beat Print Spend For First Time


EMarketer forecasts online advertising will edge out print in total spending this year. While it says online dollars have already outstripped newspapers and magazines separately, today’s announcement by the New York-based researcher marks the first time digital is projected to surpass the two combined.

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BPA Issues New and Amended Rules for 2012 – App reporting continues to present a challenge.


Media auditor BPA Worldwide approved a number of new and amended rules during its December 2011 meeting in New York City, including several that address the increasing difficulty of measuring a magazine’s digital audience.

Reporting app usage, specifically, has been a challenge, increasingly so as the format is moving toward “push,” rather than email, notification of a new issue’s delivery, for which there is no mechanism for tracking successful delivery.

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TV, Mobile See Gains in Viewing Time – US adults spend more time with mobile than print magazines and newspapers combined


Despite an increasing fixation with all things digital—including online video viewing—US adults are still watching more and more traditional TV, whether it’s live or recorded on a DVR or DVD, eMarketer estimates. The average adult consumer spends 4 hours and 34 minutes each day watching TV and video on a traditional television set this year, up 10 minutes from last year.

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The 5 Types of Content That Grab Attention

Content Marketing Inst.

Do you want to engage people’s attention, provide them with useful information and, in the process, change the way they think about your organization?  In my experience, there are five types of content that can help you do this.

You can use them for print media, such as business and consumer magazines, as well as for websites, blogs, podcasts, videos – virtually any medium.

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A Blueprint for Ad and PR Agencies: Become More Competent in Content Marketing


I’ll be the first to tell you agency-based content marketing is old news. Establishing credibility and providing valuable content through books, magazine articles, and white papers has been the industry norm for decades. The world is already accustomed to looking to advertising and public relations agencies for guidance and that next big idea — be it creative, communicative, or a combination thereof.

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11% Of Magazine Exposures Are Digital-Only, Survey Shows


Eleven percent of U.S. adults’ exposures to magazines are exclusively via digital platforms, new data from GfK MRI says. But with newsstands available on more devices, that number should increase.

Between March and October 2011, GfK MRI estimates that the total U.S. gross magazine audience (the number of consumer exposures to magazine-branded content on any platform, including print) was 1.58 billion. Of those, 135 million exposures were print + digital, and 166 million were digital-only. That digital-only group is made primarily of men (63 percent), and they’re more likely to be young, affluent and well-educated. The sample size for this survey was 12,546 people, and GfK MRI extrapolates its results to the entire U.S. adult population.

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Print Goes Mobile


According to a survey published by the Audit Bureau of Circulations. 85% of the magazines and newspapers in the U.S. and Canada currently offer mobile content for e-readers, smartphones or tablets. Just 76% of magazines and newspapers offered mobile content last year.  “Going Mobile: How Publishers Are Maturing and Monetizing Their Offerings,” found that 88% of newspapers, 83% of consumer magazines and 79% of business publications offered mobile content.

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Ziff Davis Enterprise To Go All-Digital In 2012 Remaining three magazines will convert to digital editions in January.


Ziff Davis Enterprise has launched a new strategy called OmniDigital that will take the company all-digital with emphasis in four keys areas–traditional websites, mobile websites, tablets and digital editions. The company will convert its remaining three magazines–BaselineCIO Insight and eWeek–to digital editions starting in January.

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AdweekMedia Forecast 2011

Adweek, 12/12/10

Our editors take a look at what’s ahead in key industry sectors


If 2010 was a year of digital innovation, in the form of iPad apps and online paywalls, 2011 will be one of continued tinkering. Publishers will test tablet subscription offers and metered paywalls as they recognize the need to offset shrinking ad revenue and increase their haul from consumers. Four of the biggest magazine companies start the year off with new leadership, raising expectations for transformation at a high level. Expect to see the continued expansion of marketing services, deeper integration of print and digital sales, and creation of digital products driven by consumer needs—steps many would call long overdue. “The biggest thing that needs to happen is a lot of listening to what the client wants, listening to what the consumer wants,” says Carolyn Dubi, svp, director of print at Initiative. “It brings us toward the golden ticket, which is about performance.”


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