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Data+: Analyze, Predict, Monetize

09/07/2014 - 09/09/2014 Phoenix AZ

Content Marketing World

09/08/2014 - 09/11/2014 Cleveland OH

Video Insider Summit

09/14/2014 - 09/17/2014 Montauk NY

CSO Perspectives on Defending Against the Pervasive Attacker

09/17/2014 Boston MA

IT Roadmap Conference & Expo

09/17/2014 San Jose CA

CIO Perspectives Chicago 

09/18/2014 Chicago IL

 CSO Perspectives on Data Protection and Privacy

09/23/2014 San francisco CA

OMMA RTB (Real-Time Buying) @ Advertising Week

10/02/2014 New York NY

OMMA RTB (Real-Time Buying)

10/14/2014 London

Ad Age Data Conference

10/28/2014 - 10/29/2014 New York NY


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Forrester Develops A Roadmap to Navigate the "Post PC" World


In a report released today, research firm Forrester attempts to define exactly what this “Post PC” era actually is. Foremost, it does not mean “absence of” PCs, but a whole new computing paradigm that will fold into existing technology and lead us to the computers of tomorrow.

Forrester came up with several guidelines and principles that will help manufacturers, developers and consumers navigate the technological waters that are stretching to the horizon. The research firm defines Post PC as, “a social and technological phenomenon in which computing experiences become ubiquitous, casual, intimate, and physical.” Read more

IDC Manufacturing Insights Report Analyzes Top Global Manufacturing Execution System Vendors

IDC Manufacturing Insights News Release, 11/8/10

New Study Emphasizes That CIOs Should Consider Manufacturing Execution System (MES) as a Corporate-Wide Business Application

IDC Manufacturing Insights today announces the availability of a new report that provides a competitive analysis of the top 7 global manufacturing execution system (MES) vendors, designed to help manufacturers orient the choice for their initial short list of potential MES vendors.

This new study, Vendor Assessment: MES Strategies Part 2 — Selecting the Right MES Application (Doc #MIOT01S, November 2010) reveals that many manufacturing organizations — when selecting a solution to improve their manufacturing execution — are uncertain as to whether it is best to use a best-of-breed MES suite or simpler functions available from their favorite enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), or product life-cycle management (PLM) vendors.

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IDC Manufacturing Insights Unveils New Warranty Management Maturity Model; New framework designed to reduce costs, assess capabilities and initiate continuous improvement process

IDC News Release, 9/20/10

IDC Manufacturing Insights’ Product Life-Cycle Strategies practice today unveiled an initiative to develop a Warranty Management Maturity Model, a proposed standard framework for companies to assess the maturity and capabilities of their warranty organization, benchmark against peers, and initiate a continuous improvement process. The first of its kind, this framework will provide manufacturers with standard language, metrics, maturity stages, and a basis for the best practices and technologies that improve performance and accelerate business transformation.

Technology and engineering oriented manufacturers will benefit greatly from this new model as, according to IDC research, these organizations spend an average of 2-4% of revenues on warranty.

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