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Dos and Don’ts of Effective Lead Generation


You have a big audience that is ripe with potential leads, but they’re not necessarily volunteering to jump in your sales funnel. How do you generate leads – good leads – out of a crowd?

There are a lot of philosophies and opinions on lead generation. To help you cut through the noise, we spoke to four leading marketing experts and got some of their best insights. Here’s what they had to say about the dos and don’ts of effective lead generation.


Bryan Eisenberg is a global thought leader and pioneer in online marketing. He has authored three best-selling books, and is a highly sought-after marketing keynote speaker. Eisenberg has been a featured expert in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, and has been quoted and recognized by dozens of industry publications and organizations.

Do: Develop content for different stages of your buying process.

From email campaigns to landing pages, and from blog posts to ebooks, your audience is consuming your content from all over your sales funnel. Don’t alienate one group by always talking to another.

“When you’re developing content and landing page strategies, plan different designs based on the different stages of your customers’ buying process. Use personas to understand their particular needs during each stage of the process, and develop different offers and calls-to-action that are most appropriate to their needs.” – Eisenberg (@TheGrok)

This will require a well-rounded content development strategy, one that sales and marketing should probably develop together.

Don’t: Let your lead response get lazy.

Even if marketing could herd every qualified lead into your sales funnel, they’ll fall off track if the response from sales isn’t snappy.

“Marketing and sales need to align to use effective content planning, integrate the customer buying process with the company’s sales process, and distribute leads. Then, marketing can provide sales people with details that matter to them about the prospect’s interests and motivations, and distribute those leads effectively. There isn’t a salesperson in the world who wouldn’t respond to that kind of qualified prospect right away.” – Eisenberg (@TheGrok)

Sales and marketing need to get together (again) to develop a robust lead response strategy that everyone can commit to.

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Data technology crucial to digital marketing

Direct Marketing News 

Marketers are tasked with defining the best strategies and programs to drive marketing success and identifying the role of media channels in order to do so. Then they must track those efforts to divine what works best and which tactics to abandon.

Direct Marketing News convened a select group of senior marketing leaders in a closed-door roundtable discussion, sponsored by Marketo, in San Mateo in February, to get at the heart of some of these challenges. Participants discussed topics including the structure of their own marketing programs; the role of content; challenges in integrating messaging across channels; and how marketers are using digital efforts — particularly mobile, social and video — separately and collectively to nurture engagement and further loyalty with customers.

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Infographic: The ultimate marketing measurement guide


Measurement. This word tends to ignite fear in many marketing managers. In fact, one out of five marketers do not measure their marketing efforts at all, an infographic from Marketo says.

When you are the person who determines whether your company’s marketing efforts are successful, your mind may go through the following stages:

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