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IDG Nanosite

The revolutionary Nanosite goes mobile. A mobile Nanosite features multimedia content, polls, and full social media sharing capabilities via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Screen Shot 2014 08 21 at 2.22.30 PM IDG Nanosite

IDG introduces the Nanosite: a microsite contained within an ad unit

Media Business, 12/16/10

Custom mini websites known as microsites allow advertisers to make available much more content, in a range of media types, than could ever fit into a digital ad.

But IDG Strategic Marketing Services is trying to change that with its new Nanosite offering. Using ClickTurn, the advertising technology arm of Widgetbox, IDG SMS has shrunk the microsite concept down to the size of an ad unit — without losing those multimedia capabilities or breadth of content.

Jeremy Rueb, VP-program development for IDG SMS, a unit of IDG Communications, said, “The Nanosite has a lot of the functionality you would have with a microsite on a landing page, but we’re delivering it through an ad banner placement.”

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One-Stop Shop: New IDG Ad Unit Combines Micro-Sites, Social Media

Folio, 12/15/10

Custom units deliver rich media, lead generation.

IDG Strategic Marketing Services, in conjunction with Widgetbox, a provider of audience engagement and digital marketing solutions, has developed the Nanosite Ad Unit, which turns a digital ad into a microsite that automatically pulls in related social media commentary and editorial as well.

The Nanosite offers the capabilities of landing pages, video, lead-gen forms and white papers directly within a single ad unit. The rich media components are trackable through DART. “We can track the user from the moment they engage with the unit until they leave,” says Jeremy Rueb, vice president of program development for IDG Strategic Marketing Services. “We’re doing things like demand generation that can capture the user’s name and e-mail.”

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IDG Communications Selects Widgetbox to Significantly Expand Rich Media Advertising Offerings

Marketwire, 12/14/10

IDG Strategic Marketing Services, which serves major tech marketers is working with Widgetbox™, the leader in audience engagement and digital marketing solutions, to deliver a new model of enhanced and highly interactive rich media ads. With Widgetbox’s ClickTurn ad technology, IDG combines video, real-time content updates, social media, and other highly interactive elements to dramatically increase ad engagement.

IDG and Widgetbox have developed the unique Nanosite Ad Unit that turns an ad into a microsite. A Nanosite brings the benefits of landing pages, video, lead-gen forms and white papers directly into an ad unit without leaving the page. Nanosite sites can dramatically increase brand engagement, brand recall and purchase intent relative to traditional display advertising.

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IDG Shrinks Microsite Down to Ad-Size

Min Online, 12/13/10

We left behind the old ‘build it and they will come’ bromide long ago on the Web. Driving traffic to an ad client’s microsite is a costly and involved process. IDG Strategic Marketing solutions tries to crack that old nut by bringing the microsite content to the user. A new ‘Nanosite’ product from the b2b publisher turns the contents of the typical microsite into an ad unit that goes on any Web page. The Widget-like unit lets a user peruse articles, images, and even click through tab-indexed content in much the same way he would at a destination site. The custom ad format even can run video and lead generation forms in the ad.

A sample of the new interactive ad is available at the Widgetbox site.

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Who needs a website? Enter the nanosite ad unit

eMedia Vitals, 12/13/10

Rich media ads continue to evolve, effectively becoming mini-websites in a box. Tech publisher IDG and developer Widgetbox have teamed to create a new “nanosite” ad unit that can include video, real-time content, social media and other interactive elements.

The Nanosite Ad Unit, announced today, basically turns an ad into a microsite, housing multiple, clickable assets. A sample unit that IDG and Widgetbox created (shown at right) includes a branded white paper, a video, case studies and editorial content from IDG publications such as CIO. In a press release, the companies claim the nanosite unit “can dramatically increase brand engagement, brand recall and purchase intent relative to traditional display advertising.”

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