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World Tech Update Video- June 19, 2014

IDG News Service

Coming up on WTU Amazon debuts its Fire Phone, Intel demos the future of webcams and NASA tests out aerodynamics of the World Cup ball.


Google’s building 7-inch Project Tango tablets that see the world around them, report says

IDG News Service

After releasing a 3D-aware prototype smartphone in February, Google is getting ready to release a similarly equipped Android tablet.

Produced under Google’s “Project Tango,” the prototype tablet will have a 7-inch screen, two cameras, and infrared depth sensors. The tablet’s software will be able to use all that hardware to capture 3D images of the immediate surroundings, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Possible applications for the tablet, and the smartphone before it, include navigation assistance for the visually impaired, augmented reality gaming, and 3D floor plans of your living room. You could use a 3D floor plan, for example, to shop for a new couch and see how it’d look at home right on your mobile display.

Google intends to produce about 4,000 Project Tango prototype tablets in early June to distribute to developers, according to the Journal. The devices could be ready for introduction close to Google I/O. The search giant’s developer conference is scheduled for June 25 and 26; however, it’s not clear if Project Tango will be a featured part of the I/O keynote.

If accurate, Google’s reported 4,000 tablets is a significant boost from the 200 Project Tango smartphones Google planned to distribute to developers earlier this year.
Google says its goal with Project Tango is to “give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion.” Similar to Google’s other creative projects, the company is hoping that developers will come up with newer and more interesting uses for Project Tango than Google has itself.

In March, Google and NASA said two Project Tango smartphones would be sent to the International Space Station. The handsets are attached to spherical robotic devices about the size of a volleyball called SPHERES (Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient Experimental Satellites) that can float and move inside the ISS.

The idea is to see if Project Tango can help the device learn and maneuver around its environment. The Tango-ized SPHERES are set to launch on the Orbital 2 resupply mission on June 10, according to NASA.

3D appears to the next great frontier that major technology companies are working on. While Google has its Project Tango, Facebook, Microsoft, and Sony are working on virtual reality headsets focused on gaming.

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World Tech Update – 1/31/14

IDG News Service

Coming up on WTU this week Lenovo makes a big buy, Facebook debuts Paper for iPhones, President Obama addresses NSA spying and NASA updates its communications network.

World Tech Update – 11/1/13

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Coming up on WTU this week the FAA changes the rules on powering off gadgets, Lenovo hopes long battery life will sell its tablets and NASA plans to send 3D printers into space.


World Tech Update – 9/29/13

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Nintendo cuts the price of its Wii and debuts the 2DS handheld, NASA plans to bag an asteroid and we get ready for IFA next week.

World Tech Update – 2/21/13

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Coming up on WTU Sony intros the PS4, NASA’s Curiosity drills into Mars and we get ready for Mobile Congress.

Mobile Year in Review 2012 Infographic

Mobile Future

This year, mobile tech and wireless innovation stole the spotlight. Take a look back at some of the most remarkable moments in Mobile Future’s 2012 Mobile Year in Review infographic.

mobile future mobile year in review infographic Mobile Year in Review 2012 Infographic

Some highlights:

  • More than half of Americans now own smartphones.
  • At 31 million tweets, the American election was the most Tweeted event in history.
  • This Thanksgiving, Instagramers shared a record 10 million photos.
  • Apple sold more mobile devices this year than they’ve sold computers ever.
  • The U.S. leads the world in next-generation mobile.
  • NASA’s Mars Rover checked-in on Foursquare from Mars.

World Tech Update – 12/6/12

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Coming up on this week’s show the EU slaps a CRT cartel with a huge fine, we check out BlackBerry 10, SupperKing helps pay for dinner and NASA releases stunning images.

IDG World Tech Update Video- 9/20/12

IDG News Service

Coming up on this week’s show we get ready for the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, Sony intros a thinner PS3 and we go for a ride in a space shuttle…simulator.

World Tech Update- Week of 8/16/12

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Coming up on World Tech Update this week Julian Assange is granted asylum, we test drive the Tesla Model S, Bill Gates hosts a toilet fair and more.