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Survey: Professionals Not Replacing Print With Digital? New Readex Research study finds print second most popular media.


This week alone, Ziff Davis Enterprise announced it will replace its three remaining print magazines with digital editions in 2012 and Hanley Wood president and CEO Frank Anton indicated that more magazine closures are likely in his organization, yet a new study from Readex Research suggests that the group of professionals it surveyed are still heavily invested in print (even if that includes printing out a digital format).

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iPad Owners Like Their Print Brands

Min, 10/22/10

There is more evidence that tablet devices map well against magazine audiences and their content consumption habits. Nielsen released further details from its recent survey of iPad owners and found that 41% have already purchased a paid app on the device from a magazine publisher. In all, 63% of all iPad owners have downloaded fee-based apps. Games (62%) and books (54%) are the most popular categories. But magazines are getting some of the iPad love. In fact 25% of users say they access magazine content regularly on their devices compared to only 8% of iPhone owners who reference magazine apps.

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