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Nielsen Strengthens Online Campaign Ratings For Ads


Nielsen has inked a deal to buttress its Online Campaign Ratings (OCR), days after AOL said it would use the data as a first-of-its-kind carrot to attract more video advertising. Under the arrangement, Nielsen will meld data from AdSafe Media on whether a particular ad ran in a “safe” environment into the OCR system.

Nielsen executive Chris Louie said the integration offers OCR upgrades in terms of both “verification” and “viewability.” Advertisers can gain insight into whether an ad ran in a “brand-safe environment,” with OCR tracking the percent of ads running on sites deemed within an advertiser’s safety guidelines. The data can further yield information on the devices ads are viewed on and specifics about the content genre, such as news, entertainment, etc.

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Five Reasons You Need to Focus on Earned Media

The Most Trusted Information Comes Not From You, but From Your Customers

Ad Age

Marketers currently face a barrage of challenges and shifts in the way consumers engage with their brands. But earned media is gaining momentum, and for good reason. Today, it’s earned media impressions that are building brands and paving the way for an open dialogue between companies and their customers.

If you’ve been ignoring this trend, then you’re missing a critical piece of the revenue puzzle.

Here are five reasons to start thinking about it.

1. Earned media is the most trusted and credible form of content for a brand
The most trusted source of information about your company comes not from you, but from your highly satisfied customers — otherwise known as your brand’s advocates — in the form of the content they create such as reviews, recommendations, ratings and stories about their experiences. Read more

Nielsen Introduces New Ad Measurement Product

NY Times, 9/27/10

Proving a return on investment is crucial in advertising, and the Nielsen Company, the media ratings behemoth, is hoping that its new product will help advertisers and media companies measure their investments more accurately. On Monday, the first day of Advertising Week in New York, Nielsen announced its Online Campaign Ratings service, which was intended to provide online advertising data comparable to Nielsen’s television ratings.

The product will measure online advertising campaigns, including video and display ads, and will expand Nielsen’s reach beyond its current opt-in measurement panels for television and online media.

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