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2015 Unified Communications & Collaboration Study

 2015 Unified Communications & Collaboration Study

The 2015 Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) Study encompasses the information needed to fully grasp the current UC&C market. The research includes the direction of spending, areas of investment, business drivers and challenges that IT decision-makers are experiencing when it comes to communication tools in their organization.

Key Findings:

  • Unified Communications & Collaboration will see a surge of adoption in the next 3 years. 56% percent of enterprise and 66% of SMB organizations plan to implement or upgrade UC&C solutions within the next year. (Click to Tweet)
  • Unified communications and collaboration budgets will increase by 9% in the next year.(Click to Tweet)
  • Within the next two years, organizations will move their UC&C model to hybrid and cloud-based environments, with enterprise organizations leading the change. (Click to Tweet)
  • Traditional technologies remain the top forms of employee communication, but enterprises are increasing their use of videoconferencing and telepresence technologies. (Click to Tweet)
  • Security/privacy concerns are a challenge when it comes to UC&C implementation.(Click to Tweet)
  • Security, ease of use and total cost of ownership are the biggest factors when evaluating vendor solutions, but integration into existing infrastructure shows high importance for enterprises. (Click to Tweet)

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2014 U.S. State of Cybercrime Survey

Screen Shot 2014 09 19 at 3.23.49 PM  2014 U.S. State of Cybercrime Survey

CSO and PwC teamed-up with the CERT® Division of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie MellonUniversity and the United States Secret Service to conduct the annual survey to gain a better understanding of cybercrime trends within U.S. organizations.

The 2014 research found that the number of security incidents continue to surge as well as the cost associated with them. Additionally, organizations are still playing catch-up to combat cyber criminals.

Key Findings Include:

  • The state of cybercrime is not good. U.S. organizations are failing to keep up with the persistence, technical expertise or the tactical skillset of their adversaries.
  • Security for mobile devices is inadequate and poses elevated risks beyond phones and tablets. A large barrier for CSO’s is that mobile devices are viewed as employee devices and businesses are reluctant to push policies to personal devices.
  • Insider threats are not sufficiently addressed and while awareness training would address the most common insider threats, most businesses don’t do awareness training.
  • Insiders who commit cybercrimes typically exhibited pre-cursor characteristics including committing violations of IT security practices and the misusing of organizational resources.
  • There is a significant disparity between SMB (less than 1,000 employees) & Enterprise organizations (1,000+ employees) with differences arising in both practices and types of cyber attacks.

To view slides on this research, click here

SMBs Lean on Content for Lead Gen


White papers, webinars are leading SMB content pieces used for lead gen

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are always on the hunt for new leads, and increasingly, content marketing is how they are finding those prospective customers. According to a May 2013 survey from Business.com, three-quarters of US SMBs actively worked on lead generation tactics, with a variety of different types of content used for this purpose.

As to which content marketing tactics respondents from SMB companies deemed most effective, nearly all content approaches received fairly high marks. Among the most valuable types of lead gen-oriented content marketing were white papers, webinars and case studies. More than 60% cited both white papers and webinars as at least somewhat valuable, with white papers especially likely to be considered extremely valuable. Videos were seen as the least valuable type of content marketing tactic. However, a still considerable 56.4% of respondents thought it was at least reasonably valuable.

163653 SMBs Lean on Content for Lead Gen

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PCWorld Magazine Goes Entirely Digital

Business Wire

More Than 119,000 Print Subscribers Sign Up for Interactive Electronic Edition of the Premiere PC-Focused Publication

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–September 30, 2013– IDG Consumer & SMB has unveiled the new PCWorld – the first of its all-digital magazines, including its Enhanced Edition, specifically tuned for tablets including iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android. August marked the final print edition of the magazine, and subscriptions to the interactive version have already exceeded 119,000. Based on the latest digital magazine subscriber rankings from the Alliance for Audited Media, PCWorld is number 10 in U.S. consumer magazines — ahead of Star magazine.

The first issue of the PCWorld Enhanced Edition featured a sleeker layout with more than 200 pages of new features. Among these are:an easy-to-read larger typeface, 360-degree interactive photos, animated infographics, and high-definition videos. The cover story focuses on Windows 8.1 and includes a review and a video upgrade tutorial. An article on 3D printing is accompanied by a video explaining how the technology works. In addition to the Enhanced Edition, each issue is also available in Replica, a PDF-like edition.

After PCWorld’s final print issue in July, readers were given the option to transfer their subscriptions to the new digital format, request a refund, or receive Macworld magazine for the remainder of their subscriptions. Of those who responded to the request, 90% chose to switch to the digital edition, pushing the total number of paid digital subscribers to more than 119,000. This demonstrates that PCWorld’s audience welcomes the new highly visual, multimedia format.

The upcoming October issue will have stories on budget laptops for as little as $430, reviews of HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, and Motorola Moto X products, and an animated illustration of how to get control of a cluttered inbox without complex filters and folders. “Since PCWorld launched in 1983, we have maintained a commitment to news, reviews, and information that readers can use to better understand the latest technologies,” said Randall Grilli, consumer and product marketing manager,IDG Consumer & SMB. “Our goal is to make the print-to-digital transition as smooth as possible. We have reinvented PCWorld to appeal to an audience of early adopters of technology who appreciate digital presentation.”

For details on the new PCWorld digital options, go to http://www.pcworld.com/magazines.

About PCWorld and IDG Consumer & SMB

IDG Consumer & SMB publishes leading tech media brands, including PCWorld, Macworld and TechHive, and offers innovative marketing services to technology vendors. Reaching a combined 20 million early adopters and tech influencers, IDG Consumer & SMB’s brands cover the tech spectrum from PCs, laptops and printers to the newest mobile tech devices and Apple offerings. IDG Consumer & SMB’s marketing services group offers tech-focused custom content through its Content Works division along with high-impact advertising/marketing solutions for a wide array of technology marketers.

IDG Consumer & SMB is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Data Group (IDG), the world’s leading technology media, events, and research company. Additional information about IDG Consumer & SMB is available at http://www.idgcsmb.com/.

Additional information about IDG, a privately held company, is available at http://www.idg.com.

IDG Consumer & SMB | Howard Sholkin, 508 766-5610 | howard_sholkin@idg.com | SOURCE: IDGConsumer & SMB

Business Wire, Inc.


IDG Communications Announces U.S. Promotions

Business Wire

IDG Communications U.S. CEO Michael Friedenberg has selected a chief digital officer and chief content officer across IDG media in the United States. Peter Longo assumes the new position of chief digital officer for IDG Communications U.S. He will be responsible for digital strategy and operations for IDG Enterprise, IDG Consumer & SMB, and IDG TechNetwork. In addition, Longo will continue in his role as CEO of IDG TechNetwork.

Longo, who joined IDG five years ago, has built IDG TechNetwork into the leading tech vertical ad network and exchange and has defined and led IDG’s data-driven strategy. As chief digital officer, Longo will oversee all digital operations in IDG’s U.S. media subsidiary, IDG Communications, including ad operations, development of creative systems and functionality, demand generation, branding, video, and mobile. To support the delivery of digital programs for technology marketing clients, he also leads the continuing development and implementation of technology and data capabilities.

Friedenberg assumes Longo’s CEO responsibilities for IDG Consumer & SMB brands (PCWorld, TechHive, and Macworld). In addition, Friedenberg remains CEO of IDG Enterprise, the position he held before his promotion to CEO, IDG Communications U.S., last month.

For the full release click here

IDG Calls On ‘Hero’ Display Ad Units To Save The Banner


In the two months since tech publisher IDG finished a major redesign of its PCWorld, Macworld and TechHivesites, the company is ready to expand the centerpiece of that effort: the “Homepage Hero” box.

The box is intended to serve as a front door for each site, displaying a large slot called the “Content Hero,” where editors display the biggest stories for each day, with one section saved for sponsorships sold by the IDG Consumer & SMB division, which operates the sites. The Hero units seems like yet another bid by a publisher to “go beyond” the 728×90 banner ad to attract lucrative brand awareness dollars. But IDG Consumer & SMB CRO Brian Gleason is quick to tell AdExchanger that while the redesign does reduce the number of ad units on a page in favor of the larger, higher priced Hero unit, the format is ultimately being used to complement regular ad spots, not replace them.

“There’s certainly a place for a banner, even today,” Gleason said. “There’s just not a place for nine units on a page. Otherwise, it starts to look like Nascar – a logo placed everywhere. That’s part of the reason we did this — there’s more breathing room for both consumers and advertisers.” Within the past few weeks Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, Brother and TrendMicro have tried out the Hero units, which IDG has claimed to have yielded average click rates of between 2 and 4%

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IDG Consumer & SMB Sees Ad Performance Rise With Redesigned HTML5/Responsive Sites

Business Wire

PCWorld, Macworld, and TechHive, get a big boost in click-through rates with high-impact ad placements

SAN FRANCISCO—   Two months after the launch of redesigned HTML5/responsive websites, IDG Consumer & SMB is seeing encouraging results from its changes to PCWorld.com and Macworld.com, along with newly launched site TechHive.com. Overall, ad placements are delivering an average click-through rate (CTR) around 80% higher than pre-redesign levels.

IDG Consumer & SMB’s sites are also performing well against industry benchmarks. Ad units scheduled as run-of-site are delivering an average 0.38% click-through rate, compared to the tech industry average of 0.11% (MediaMind Global Benchmarks 2012). All three sites have better than average click performance with content and user targeting as well.

“We’re very pleased with these metrics,” notes IDG Consumer & SMB Chief Revenue Officer Brian Gleason. “We focused our redesign efforts on giving users visually-rich and intuitive websites that work across devices. We also wanted to make sure our advertising partners had a prominent place among our content. We’ve hit the mark for both readers and marketers.”

InCaseHero Macworld 0912 300x281 IDG Consumer & SMB Sees Ad Performance Rise With Redesigned HTML5/Responsive Sites         SamsungHero TechHive 0912 300x285 IDG Consumer & SMB Sees Ad Performance Rise With Redesigned HTML5/Responsive Sites

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Big Data Initiatives High Priority for Enterprises but Majority Will Face Implementation Challenges

IDG Enterprise 

Framingham, Mass.  – IDG Enterprise—the media company comprising of Computerworld, InfoWorld, Network World, CIO, DEMO, CSO, CIO Executive Council, ITworld, CFOworld and CITEworld—releases the results from the 2012 IDG Enterprise Big Data research which delves into big data strategies and challenges as adoption increases. The research highlights big data initiatives as a high/critical priority for 59% of enterprise organizations (1,000+ employees) and 48% of small/medium (SMB) organizations (<1,000 employees). As a new technology trend, challenges are anticipated, in fact 60% of IT executives believe big data integration will be very/extremely challenging.

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12 Mobile Marketing Statistics for Small and Large Businesses


Mobile marketing is one of the fastest and most innovative ways to reach new and existing customers for both small and large companies. Mobile interactions are a part of our everyday life. More people have access to mobile devices and smartphones than they do a regular computer. Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones to make online purchases and download customized apps in order to make their lives easier. Not only does a proper mobile marketing strategy allow you to reach consumers when they are closest to buying, but it is also highly targeted and cost-effective. Here is a list of 12 Mobile Marketing Statistics every business should be aware of:

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IDC Special Report Series Predicts U.S. SMB Security Spending to Top $5.6 Billion in 2015


IDC PMS4colorversion 5 300x99 IDC Special Report Series Predicts U.S. SMB Security Spending to Top $5.6 Billion in 2015




FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – A newly released report series from International Data Corporation (IDC) finds that small and medium business (SMB) spending on security technology continues to show strong growth and will exceed $5.6 billion in 2015. While overall SMB IT spending is forecast to grow at a rate of 5-6% per year over the forecast period, SMB spending on security products and solutions is expected to grow almost twice as fast.

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