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21 Unbelievable B2B Content Marketing Statistics

Social Media B2B


B2B companies continue to be interested in content marketing as a means to connect with their prospects and customers, as a first step to generate leads with content and social media. While last year’s B2B Benchmark study has not yet been updated, here’s a recent grassroots study from the 50,000 member strong B2B Technology Marketing community on LinkedIn. Here are some key statistics from the study. If you are interested in the breakdown of the 815 respondents, or any other details of the study, I have embedded the slideshare presentation below.

Do these statistics seem to reflect the content marketing activities at your B2B company or clients? All these sorts of studies seem to be a little high compared to what I see in the wild. Active LinkedIn members would be more likely to work for company who understand the value of content marketing.

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The Four Pillars of B2B Content Strategy

Social Media B2B

I was approached the other day by one of our clients, the CMO of a technology firm who asked me my thoughts on his company’s content strategy. The CMO said, “We have a lot of smart people who develop a lot of good content, but something tells me we’re not really getting value out of our content efforts – what are your thoughts?”
After taking a look at what they were doing, I agreed that they had a lot of good content. I also agreed there was much more they could do. When thinking about B2B content strategy, you should consider four main pillars.

1. Space

What space do you want to own?
The first pillar of content strategy is Space. In other words, you must determine what space you want to own as it relates to content. This is different from defining your positioning strategy, and it is also different from determining your value proposition. Positioning and value proposition refer to the solution you offer. However, the space you want to own is about the problems your target market faces. You want to be known as a company that is highly knowledgeable about both the problem and its related solutions. You want to provide thought leadership, insights, ideas and education.

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b2b content strategy The Four Pillars of B2B Content Strategy

What B2B Marketers Need to Know About Facebook News Feed Changes

Social Media B2B

Facebook provided new insight into their news feed algorithm, as well as announced a subtle change to its functionality. This is critical information for B2B marketers who use Facebook to connect with customers and prospects.

According to a recent study by Forrester, 39% of B2B decision makers use Facebook for business purposes. They participated in the following activities on the platform:

•           71% connected with people they knew

•           57% liked a brand or vendor on Facebook

•           51% clicked on an ad or sponsored post

•           51% posted on a brand or vendor’s page


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5 Ways to Use B2B Social Media to Break Company Silos

Social Media B2B
Many B2B companies approach social media the same way they approach other parts of their business. With silos. No matter the size of the company, there are separations that reduce efficiency and cause confusion both within and outside the company. Even social media starts in a silo, usually in the marketing or pr department. And don’t even get me started on technology silos where company data lives in different systems depending on the function.
Here are some ways to use social media to break down the silos in your B2B company:
1. Align Sales with Social Media

The lack of alignment between sales and marketing continues to exist as more B2B companies use social media to generate leads and improve their prospecting. Short of doing an exchange program where you embed a marketer in your sales team and a sales person in your marketing team, this starts with communication. Make sure that each team understands the other’s challenges. Marketing is now responsible for more of the journey through the buying process than ever before….

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43% of B2B CEOs of Never Consider Social Media in Decisions

Social Media B2B

As social media becomes an important part of business culture, considering the social media impact of decisions has to be part of the process for B2B companies. According to a recent study by the Zeno Group, CEO of all companies, but especially B2B companies, are not taking social media and its impact on their reputation online into account when making decisions. This has potential impact on attracting prospects and retaining customers, as social media sites and other online sources continue to be business people’s first stop when searching for information about companies.

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5 Ways to Generate Leads from a LinkedIn B2B Company Page

Social Media B2B

Many B2B companies have been successful at generating leads from LinkedIn, but there are features of a company page that B2B marketers are just not aware of. Most B2B companies have company pages on LinkedIn where they include a keyword-stuffed paragraph or two of marketing-speak. It also shows the employees who work at the company. This is the most basic option for LinkedIn.

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69% of B2B Companies Ignore Social Media Feedback

Social Media B2B

A majority of B2B companies are not paying enough attention to their customers’ social media activities and managing them for effective business outcomes. A recent study by Satmetrix shines some light on worldwide social media practices. Many B2B companies are just plain ignoring social media in their day to day operations.

Satmetrix is the company responsible for the NetPromoter score, which measures customer satisfaction based on how likely customers are to recommend a business. It is a measurement of advocates and detractors, but it has been correlated with business success. The survey data is based on 1180 responses from businesses around the globe, who are all part of the NetPromoter.com community. This adds some extra weight to these highly negative results because it comes from a pool of companies that care deeply about customer satisfaction.

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3 Ways to Get B2B Social Media Value from Google+

Social Media B2B 

Many B2B marketers have already been scratching their heads trying to figure out how to make use of Facebook and Twitter. Along comes Google+, another social network that the average B2B marketer just doesn’t have the time to learn and master. There are, however, reasons to believe that Google+ will be more valuable to B2B companies than Facebook and Twitter put together. And since getting in early is a big factor in determining long-term success, B2B companies should test the waters with Google+ right now.

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Preview of Twitter Advertising Platform for B2B Companies

Social Media B2B 

Earlier this year Twitter announced a partnership with American Express to make their self-serve advertising platform available to a limited number of small businesses. We signed up for SocialMediaB2B.com because access to Twitter’s advertising platform previously has been limited to those with big budgets. This leaves out many B2B companies. We offer this preview of what Twitter’s advertising platform looks like, so you can explore the option of promoted accounts and promoted tweets with the knowledge of how the platform works. Choose a target and a budget, and Twitter does the rest. Click on each image to enlarge it and view in new tab.

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6 Ways B2B Companies Can Use Social Media Gamification


A recent article on Marketing Sherpa discussed the idea of bringing gaming mechanics, or gamification, to the internal and external operations of B2B companies. One of several definitions in the article is using game-style systems of “goal setting, real-time feedback, transparency, competition, teams, etcetera — to motivate and engage customers and employees.” While not expressly tied to social media efforts, game-like rewards can be more successful when users have the ability to share them using social media, thereby amplifying the effect of the rewards.

Below are six tactics B2B marketers can use to drive internal and external engagement.

View the tactics