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Tech Brands Dominate Top 10 Listing

Marketing Charts

Although beverage brand Coca-Cola is the most valuable global brand of 2011, with a brand value of $71.8 billion, the majority of the 10 most valuable brands are technology firms, according to a ranking from Interbrand. Six of the top 10 brands, including number two IBM ($69.9 billion), are providers of technology products and/or services.

The other technology brands on the list are number three Microsoft, number four Google, number seven Intel, number eight Apple, and number 10 HP. The list also includes a restaurant company (McDonald’s), a diversified company (GE) and a media company (Disney).  Read more

IDC Announces New BuyerPulse(TM) Portfolio of Services Delivering Critical Deal and Customer Purchasing Data for Buyers and Suppliers

IDC News Release, 2/24/11

International Data Corporation (IDC), the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets, is announcing the launch of a new portfolio of services designed to focus on enterprise technology buying. These services help vendors improve their responsiveness to buyer needs and assist buyers with their requirements and vendor selection.

IDC’s BuyerPulse(TM) portfolio includes BuyerPulse(TM) Deals Databases, BuyerPulse(TM) Analysis research programs, and BuyerPulse(TM) Decision Tools. These offerings help technology firms, consulting providers, Wall Street analysts, and enterprise buyers understand trends in purchasing, track customer wins across software and services, and align vendor product and service portfolios with enterprise needs. IDC’s BuyerPulse(TM) services provide tangible, fact-based data for sales, marketing, strategic planning, competitive intelligence, and market intelligence teams as a way for vendors to uncover early shifts in software and services purchasing. Buyers are able to view purchasing patterns and hone their decision criteria in selecting products or services that meet their needs through these offerings.

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