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White Paper: Top Reasons to Upgrade from Windows XP Now

XP Migration Hub

In this White Paper, Rod Trent, IT Community Manager for Windows IT Pro, examines the current landscape for XP, explains the implications for failing to migrate to a new operating system, and discusses the key steps in the migration process.

Read the white paper now

Explore how migrating from Windows XP can benefit your business by clicking here

Screen Shot 2014 03 13 at 12.18.10 PM White Paper: Top Reasons to Upgrade from Windows XP Now

The biggest challenge to cloud security is IT culture, not technology


To borrow a turn of phrase from Drake, the cloud may have started from the bottom but now it’s here. Most of the basic problems with security and compliance concerns have been addressed and solved — it’s just on IT to learn to adapt to the changing nature of data governance and management in this brave new world. At least, that’s what a panel of executives from cloud service vendors DruvaCipherCloudOkta, and Birst had to say at an event in San Francisco yesterday.

The panelists in question all agreed that this a period of transition for the cloud, as enterprises are beginning to embrace the model in greater numbers — Varun Badhwar, vice president of product strategy at cloud information protection firm CipherCloud, said that SaaS’s lower price point has won over some formerly skeptical fans. But in the rush to move to the cloud, some customers may have favored business demands for something cheap and good, at the expense of IT demands for transparency and guaranteed levels of security and privacy.

Ensuring cloud security wasn’t always so simple, said Brad Peters, CEO of cloud-based analytics company Birst. Early in the cloud’s development, a lack of unified security compliance standards (like FISMA or SSAE16) meant that every customer deployment had to be a “one-off,” convincing the customer individually and in-depth of the security of their infrastructure with no single point of reference that could be used to quickly and repeatedly demonstrate their commitment to security.

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Infographic: Technologies’ Impact on the Network

Network World

Network World’s infographic illustrates the technologies impacting the network and pinpoints where IT executives are with initiatives within existing and emerging technologies. It is designed to be a useful resource to help tech marketers position their products/solutions and messaging more effectively to their target customers and prospects. The statistics included come from Network World’s many research studies providing insight into these influential IT decision-makers.

Fore more information, check out the white paper, Enterprise IT at the Crossroads

NetworkWorld Tech Impact Infographic1 copy Infographic: Technologies’ Impact on the Network

Strong Growth in Energy Demand Set to Spur $1 Billion IT Investment by Major MEA Utilities

IDC PMS4colorversion 1 Strong Growth in Energy Demand Set to Spur $1 Billion IT Investment by Major MEA Utilities

IT spending by utilities in the four major Middle East and African countries (Turkey, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE) increased 9.2% year on year in 2013 to total just under $1 billion, according to the latest round of data released by IDC Energy Insights. The figure is set to reach $1.05 billion in 2014.

The Middle East’s young and continuously growing population, along with a strong increase in national income, is driving rapid growth in demand for electricity across the region. In Africa, meanwhile, investments in restructuring the power sector, building essential infrastructure, deploying renewable energy (mainly solar), and making clean water accessible to all dominate the agenda and are combining to ratchet up the demand for energy across the region.

Currently accounting for around 45% of external IT spending in the utilities sector, IT services will be in particularly high demand over the coming years, with investments soaring by an annual average rate of more than 14% between 2012 and 2017. The need for more efficient operational modules (e.g., enterprise asset management, billing, data analytics) and heightened security will also propel software spending, with investment in this area set to grow at an average of 9.6% over the same period.

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IDC Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary with a Web Micro-Site Showcasing Its History and Highlighting Future Technology Trends

IDC PMS4colorversion  IDC Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary with a Web Micro Site Showcasing Its History and Highlighting Future Technology Trends

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., February 12, 2014 – To mark its 50th anniversary as the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets, International Data Corporation (IDC) today announced the launch of a commemorative micro-site featuring highlights from IDC’s history and focusing on new technology market trends and opportunities.

Founded in Newton, Massachusetts by Patrick J. McGovern, IDC’s first publication was the EDP Industry and Market Report, which announced the pending launch of the IBM System/360 in its inaugural issue. In just a few short years, IDC’s forecast and analysis reports attracted a following among professionals in the nascent computing industry. As the industry grew and evolved, IDC’s research expanded to meet market needs. In 2013, IDC published more than 4,700 reports, ranging from technology market revenue forecasts and vendor evaluations to deep analyses of industry events and what IT buyers need.

Since its inception, IDC has been an early mover and leader in expanding into international markets, following the expansion of the IT industry as computing power was deployed in businesses around the world. After establishing its headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts, IDC opened its first international office in London in 1968, followed four years later by an office in Tokyo, its first in the Asia/Pacific region. Today, IDC has offices in 54 countries and provides research coverage for more than 110 countries worldwide. With nearly half of its 1,100-plus analysts based in emerging markets, IDC offers an unparalleled understanding of how information technology is impacting local economies as well as the global economy.

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Glass display maker: Many big names working on head-mounted gear

IDG News Service

The Taiwanese company that makes the display used in Google’s Glass head-mounted display says it’s working with multiple big-name electronics companies on head-mounted gadget products.

Himax executives wouldn’t divulge the identities of the companies they are working with, but said they are big and sales should increase this year.

“We continue to work with multiple customers, quite a few of which are top-notch names in IT or the Internet space,” said Jordan Wu, president and CEO of Himax, in a conference call with analysts. “Let me put it this way, they are all number one of something, and we have customers from all leading countries in the consumer electronics space.”

“These days, people take extraordinary measures to protect the confidentiality of their new product launches,” he said. “It is even more so for head-mounted products, because it is a totally new product category for everybody.”

The displays use a technology called liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) that, as the name suggests, combines a liquid crystal layer on a silicon backplane. They have been most commonly found in projectors until now but are expected to become the dominant technology in head-mounted displays like Google Glass.

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How long before US firms stop making PCs altogether?


The past 30 days are littered with the corporate wreckage of years of declining PC sales—or at least, the kind of PCs that run Windows. On February 4, Nikkei reported that Sony is selling its money-losing Vaio PC division to investment fund Japan Industrial Partners for $490 million. Gartner and IDC announced that sales of PCs were down 10% in 2013—leading HP, which has refused to trade profits for market share, to cede its title (paywall) of the world’s biggest manufacturer of PCs by volume. Dell is laying off between 15,000 employees (according to sources outside the company) and 2,000 employees (according to sources within it). We’ll probably never know the actual number, since the company is now private

Lenovo may be the #1 manufacturer of PCs in the world, but HP and Dell are still #2 and #3, and have 16.2% and 11.6% of the market. So can we imagine a world in which they’re not selling PCs at all?

HP is leaving the PC business before the PC business leaves it

The old adage about how the stone age didn’t end for a lack of stones applies here. HP CEO Meg Whitman has said that she believes there will be a substantial market for tablets specialized for business, and the company is pushing Android, not Windows, on new devices aimed at this market. HP also makes what is arguably the best Google Chromebook aimed at everyday consumers. Since 2011, rumors have surfaced and resurfaced that HP might spin off its PC division entirely. Whichever strategy the company pursues, it doesn’t look like its future is selling boxes that run Microsoft Windows.

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World Tech Update – 2/6/14

IDG News Service

Coming up on WTU this week Microsoft makes big changes, Sony sells its computer business and we take a look at connected clothing.

Infographic: 2014 Network World State of the Network Research

 Network World

The 2014 Network World State of the Network research was completed with the goal of gaining a better understanding of the technologies impacting the network and pinpointing where IT executives are with initiatives within existing and emerging technologies.

A Couple Key Findings Include:

·         Organizations are seeing IT budget growth with three-quarters of respondents anticipating budgets will hold firm or increase for 2014.

·         Nearly half (49 percent) of all respondents said that emerging technologies in general have already or will enable their IT organizations to pool resources and drive up utilization while reducing siloed resources.

·         IT’s role with business and technology objectives align closely with the priority of lowering operation costs.

For more key findings and slide examples click here.

Screen Shot 2014 02 04 at 11.24.32 AM Infographic: 2014 Network World State of the Network Research

IDG Strategic Marketing Services Brings Together Talent and Innovation to Elevate Tech Marketing

 IDG SMS Logo IDG Strategic Marketing Services Brings Together Talent and Innovation to Elevate Tech Marketing

Converged Marketing Expertise Aligns with Premium Media Brands, Data Targeting Technology and Program Scale 

Framingham, Mass. –Today IDG announces that it is growing its marketing services capabilities and resources by uniting the marketing services teams within IDG Consumer & SMB, IDG Enterprise, and IDG TechNetwork into one US-based IDG Strategic Marketing Services® group. This group, specializing in converged marketing solutions and services, originally launched in 2009 across multiple markets worldwide.  IDG Strategic Marketing Services now brings together more than 50 employees across IDG, integrating key areas of marketing services expertise in content, design, platforms, audience, engagement and data optimization under one roof serving both B2C and B2B technology markets.

IDG Strategic Marketing Services builds upon IDG’s established history in leading the industry with marketing services across multiple media channels for the past 25 years. In 2009 IDG invested in social media innovation through the launch of its social media marketing group and IDG Amplify® portfolio. Continuing to lead with a market-first approach, IDG launched Mobile@IDG and Native@IDG in 2013, offering tech marketers solutions that embrace emerging media trends. 

“The combination of marketing services experience and expertise with our  premium media brands, online network and global footprint positions IDG Strategic Marketing Services as the tech media market’s most comprehensive marketing services organization,” said Charles Lee, senior vice president and general manager of IDG Strategic Marketing Services.  “Our ability to innovate, build and execute fully converged marketing solutions that skillfully balance paid, earned and owned channels and provide scale in reach or targeting is simply unparalleled.”

The IDG Strategic Marketing Services organization is structured around six areas of expertise:

  • Studio SIX: Innovation R&D, exploring and cultivating next-generation marketing services.
  • Product and Process Management: Portfolio development and execution of process integration.
  • Program Architecture: Client marketing programs strategy and architecture development.
  • Content Works: Shaping and managing content strategy and production.
  • Creative Labs: Building engaging user experiences through highly innovative design.
  • Performance Marketing: Program data analysis that drives performance optimization.

We are committed to driving innovation through new products and services that grow with the changing market and client demands,” said Matthew Yorke, CEO, IDG Enterprise.  “IDG Strategic Marketing Services will continue to explore and invest in products, services and platforms marketers need to be the most effective and efficient in executing on increasingly complex marketing and sales objectives.  We firmly believe that IDG’s culture and expertise is uniquely positioned to accomplish this.”

SMS infographic IDG Strategic Marketing Services Brings Together Talent and Innovation to Elevate Tech Marketing

About IDG Strategic Marketing Services:
IDG Strategic Marketing Services is the industry’s largest and most comprehensive media tech converged marketing programs and services organization serving B2B and B2C focused clients   A key hallmark of our group is our focus on driving leading-edge marketing services  innovation with first-to-market acceleration and integration into and beyond our  existing services.  Our strength is integrating high quality content, leading edge design and utility, and user experience with the ability to drive maximum performance, reach, precise targeting and global scale across all relevant media and marketing platforms, including IDG’s premium owned and operated media sites, data targeting technology and ad networks. 

About International Data Group

International Data Group (IDG) is the world’s leading technology media, events and research company. Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, IDG products and services reach an audience of more than 280 million technology buyers in 97 countries.


IDG Communications’ global media brands include ChannelWorld®, CIO®, CITEworld, CSO®, Computerworld®, GamePro®, InfoWorld®, ITworld, Macworld®, Network World®, PCWorld®, TechHive and TechWorld®. IDG’s media network features 460 websites, 200 mobile sites and apps, and 200 print titles spanning business technology, consumer technology, digital entertainment and video games worldwide. The IDG TechNetwork represents more than 500 independent websites in an ad network and exchange complementary to IDG’s media brands.


With expertise in branding, lead generation and social media marketing, IDG marketing services programs are strategically designed and implemented to influence technology vendor prospects worldwide.


A recognized leader in conference and exhibition management, IDG produces more than 700 globally branded technology and entertainment conferences and events in 55 countries.


International Data Corporation (IDC), a subsidiary of IDG, has more than 1,000 analysts who provide global, regional and local expertise on technology and industry opportunities and trends in more than 110 countries.


Additional information about IDG, a privately held company, is available at http://www.idg.com.


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