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Infographic: Why visual content is better than text


Did you know that it’s 50 times easier to get a video to rank on the first page of Google than other content types? Here’s why visuals are an important part of any content strategy.

People process visuals 600,000 times faster than text.

Website visitors typically read only 20 percent of the text on a page.

People retain 80 percent of what they see and only 20 percent of what they read.

If you aren’t incorporating visual content into your organization’s communications strategy, these statistics from an Ethos3 infographicmay be enough to persuade you otherwise.

Here are a few compelling facts:

  • Social media users are 40 percent more likely to share visual content than other types of content.
  • Ninety percent of online shoppers said they find videos helpful when making purchase decisions.
  • It’s 50 times easier to get a video to rank on the first page of Google than other content types.
  • Infographics can improve website traffic by 12 percent.
  • Ninety percent of the information your brain receives is visual.
  • More than 60 percent (65 percent) of people are visual learners.

But there are still more reasons why visual content is important. Check them out in the graphic below:

Click to see infographic

World Tech Update- April 10, 2014

IDG News Service

Coming up on WTU this week Microsoft ends support for Windows XP, Sony debuts a 4K point-and-shoot and we check out robots in Silicon Valley.


World Tech Update- March 20, 2014

IDG News Service

Coming up on WTU this week Sony debuts Project Morpheus, Google gets into wearables and IBM’s Watson looks to cure cancer.

World Tech Update- March 13, 2014

IDG News Service

Coming up on WTU the search a missing Boeing 777 continues, the World Wide Web celebrates its anniversary and a robot has bones and muscles like a human.


Digital publishers chase video with mixed results


For digital publishers burned by sinking display ad revenue, video is the next great hope.

Publications like Mashable, Business Insider, Vox Media are all giving video a go, building their own video units and cranking out content in an effort to go from being simple text-based publishers to something far more ambitious.

Unlike desktop and mobile display, video holds the promise of high ad rates — up to 10 times higher than banner ads — and higher valuations for the companies investing in it. But while many publishers are chasing video’s promise, it is unclear how many of them can grab the brass ring.

“If you’ve started a business around more of a text model and you’ve hired people who are good at text, you have to adjust to a different way of storytelling,” Forrester analyst Jim Nail said.

The problem is, video isn’t easy. It requires significant internal resources, scale that is hard to achieve and, perhaps most significantly, a consistent audience. Advertisers want predictable viewership, not viral one-offs followed by complete duds. Thus, the experience of building out a video business has been marked by fits and starts.

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Turn a Prospect into a Quality Lead

IDG Global Solutions

Business card information or the download of digital content is often times not enough to judge the quality of a prospect.  If you can determine a person’s Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing (BANT) then a marketer delivers a truly qualified prospect to sales.

In an interview with IDG Communications Director Howard Sholkin, IDG Connect General Manager Andrew Sambrook explained the value of skilled telephone qualification and how BANT can help turn a lead into a customer….

Programmatic Marketing VS. RTB— Are Human Skills Still Needed?

Real time bidding (RTB) and programmatic marketing are used interchangeably. In this interview, Pete Longo, CEO, IDG TechNetwork & Chief Digital Officer, IDG Communications US, explains in detail what these two terms mean. Longo also responds to the concern about humans getting deleted from the automated advertising equation and how IDG still uses both when creating customized campaigns/platforms. Watch the video now…


World Tech Update- 2/14/14

IDG News Service

Coming up on WTU this week we prep for Mobile World Congress, Virgin Atlantic tries out Google Glass at London’s Heathrow and TV sales slump.

Short Take: Satya Nadella’s cloud priorities for Microsoft

Network World

Keith Shaw chats with Network World’s Brandon Butler about Satya Nadella, who was named the new CEO of Microsoft on Tuesday. Butler discusses the challenges and opportunities for Microsoft in the cloud market with Nadella now in charge.

World Tech Update – 2/6/14

IDG News Service

Coming up on WTU this week Microsoft makes big changes, Sony sells its computer business and we take a look at connected clothing.